Zofia Hennelly

Glow Yoga Teacher

Who are you?  My name is Zofia and my love of movement began really early - as a tiny kid I’d ask my Dad to put on music and I’d spend hours improvising and choreographing dances. Parents saw sense and enrolled me in ballet classes at the age of 8. I danced professionally in Canada and the USA until injury forced me to retire.  During a 14 year stint working in the TV industry I discovered yoga, which became an essential antidote to life as an office bound Londoner. My yoga practice not only got me back into my body, but helped me to find the mental space and clarity I had needed after my dancing career ended.  Teaching felt like a natural progression, to not only continue pursuing and developing the thread of my movement knowledge, but to have the opportunity to share my joy and love of movement through teaching. It was a natural and continuing evolution. I love sharing my explorations in movement with you!


Where did you train?  I completed my teacher training with Yoga Campus in London in 2008 and have completed further trainings with Shiva Rea, Donna Farhi, Naomi Absalom, Ana Muriel, Carl Faure, Jonathan Monks, Aadil Palkhivala, Abby Hoffman, Ana Forrest.


How do you teach?  My teaching philosophy is definitely about encouraging the practitioner to experience the joy and love of movement through their own exploration - giving the mover back the autonomy to investigate and fascinate on their practice. I like to step out of the box and outside the lines through a non - dogmatic, non - traditional flow, woven through with influences from classical and contemporary dance, somatics, functional training etc...Classes will give the student tools to learn how to become more stable in their bodies, and from that place explore greater awareness of embodiment through movement and conscious breathing, while developing mobility, a broader range of movement and increased strength. Flows will nourish, awaken and soothe the spirit, integrating and activating the connections between body and brain through interesting movement challenges to stimulate and fire neurological pathways, keeping mind and body agile as you journey through life.


How will I feel after your class?  You will feel uplifted, spacious, energised, accomplished and ready for whatever lies ahead!


What do you do to keep fit?   I believe in doing lots of different kinds of movement and exercise, the body wants nothing more than to move and variation keeps the body strong and the brain stimulated. I also think it’s good to challenge yourself as much as you can. I go to ballet class, do my own self practice and movement investigation, use reformers, walk everywhere, lift light weights.

My New Year challenge comprises of Aerial dance and yoga!


What rule do you live by?  Haste makes waste - slow down! Balance is key - everything in moderation but a little of what you love does you good.


Give us your 1 top tip to stay fit and healthy.  Nurture yourself and don’t feel guilty about it.  A little bit of self - care goes a long way and can be anything from a new lipstick, a massage, yoga class to a solo date to an art gallery or performance.  Find a hobby which makes you ecstatic and doesn’t become a job or chore.