Will Bowden

Pilates Instructor

Who are you?  Will Bowden – I have been teaching for 7 years all forms fully qualified under PMA in NYC Classical Comprehensive Course Mat, Reformer , Tower , Cadillac , Barrels , Chair etc.


Where did you train?  New York City Core Pilates.


How do you teach?  The way Joseph Pilates intended. Following 6 principles.  Breath ,Flow, Precision, Concentration, Centering and Control.


How will I feel after your class?  You will feel your body has worked.  That you feel stronger and more aligned.


What do you do to keep fit?  Very Tough Military Training such as endurance events Fan Dance and Test Marches with The Paras and Royal Marines. As well as Weights, running and Gym Jones.


What rule do you live by?  The Mind is primary push yourselves #alwaysalittlefurther


Give us your 1 top tip to stay fit and healthy.  Don't just train rest and recovery are key factors too