Harriet Heath

Pilates Instructor

Who are you?  I am Harriet Heath and I fell in love with movement at a very early age and went on to train and become a professional dancer. It was while training that I fell in love with Pilates - with regular practise I found the aches, niggles and pains of a gruelling regime start to melt away (magic!? Nope, just Pilates!) I also loved taking the focus within, rather than just on aesthetics, not staring in to a mirror, just me, the mat, my body and my breath. I felt stronger, longer and leaner than I had in years. I went on to train to become a teacher and was fascinated by how taking the time to refine alignment, centring and breathing and working on the ‘powerhouse’ foundation of the body, movement could effectively and efficiently develop - not just in class but in day to day life. I wanted to share this with as many people as I could!


Where did you train?  Body Control Pilates


How do you teach?  I love me some good technique and so we focus a lot on performing exercises very precisely. I like to make sure everyone is in the best possible alignment for their individual bodies (as everybody is slightly different!) I will link mobilising and strengthening exercises together in a continual flow giving a dynamic, fun, well balanced class that your body will thank you for!


How will I feel after your class?  Strengthened, lengthened, de-stressed and a good few inches taller!


What do you do to keep fit?

I like to keep things varied to keep it fun and interesting (I love most forms of exercise and just movement in general!)  I am (obviously) a huge Pilates lover so Pilates takes up a big part of my routine and I also have a love affair with yoga. I also really enjoy being outdoors so when I can will try and take my work out to a park with a quick HIIT workout or run.


What rule do you live by? Comparison is the thief of joy. Just do you.


Give us your 1 top tip to stay fit and healthy.  Exercise and eat well to nourish your body and not punish it. Make friends with your body and want to help it be healthier on the inside rather than to look a certain way. It does so much for us so we must be kind to it as it the only place we really have to live forever!