Eszter Aranyos

Small Group Training Teacher

Eszter is a Level 3 PT and qualified, nutritionist. Teaching SGT Classes at Good Vibes.

If you want a high energy class that really hits the mark, look no further. Eszter’s insane energy is contagious during her sessions. She believes in you and is with you every step of your fitness journey, making sure you get the best from every minute of her class.

Eszter’s brings many elements of her personal practice into her classes. Coming from an artistic background, she has spent time studying the human form, which adds an extra dimension to her fitness teaching. She’s also a stickler for alignment and functional movement thanks to her Pilates studies. She says, "I want people to feel energised and to explore the potential that their body holds within. More than anything, I want them to believe in themselves; motivation is the biggest part of my teaching.