Ellie Smale

Pilates Instructor

Who are you?  I am Ellie Smale, a Pilates Instructor and Dancer from Down Under!

Where did you train?  Melbourne, Australia

How do you teach?  I love teaching a dynamic Pilates class to upbeat tunes

How will I feel after your class?  In my class you will get a good sweat on and walk away knowing you have worked hard in class!

What do you do to keep fit?  I keep myself fit by coming to fellow instructors’ classes @ Good Vibes and regularly having a good boogie in dance class.

What rule do you live by?  Work hard so you can rest content.

Give us your 1 top tip to stay fit and healthy.  Look for a good balance between discipline and listening to your body!  Rest and self-care is vitally important to a healthy body and happy life