Elisa Messina

Pilates Instructor

Who are you?  I am Elisa Messina, a professional dancer and started Pilates when I was 16.  I started teaching Matwork Pilates with Power Pilates New York when I was 19 and continue my learnings now also certified in Gyrotonic & Yoga.


Where did you train? First certified and becoming a teacher trainer in Italy, I then moved to Australia to continue teaching. Following this, I moved to Dubai to experience different styles and approaches and now have been teaching in London for 2 years.


How do you teach? Using the core principles of Pilates I teach with precision, ensuring correct muscles are being engaged

and at the same time my clients are learning these correct movements to apply in their daily lives


How will I feel after your class?  You will leave feeling like you’ve had a solid workout and with the enthusiasm to learn new exercises which will fundamentally make your body feel great in daily life


What do you do to keep fit? I practice Pilates and Yoga as I truly believe in the philosophy and exercises they teach us to make our body and minds feel great in daily life.


What rule do you live by? I live under the rule to be happy and to treat each day as if it were your last. 


Give us your 1 top tip to stay fit and healthy.  One of my favourite quotes in Pilates is “In 10 sessions you will feel the difference, in 20 sessions you see a difference, and in 30 sessions you will have a whole new body”(joseph pilates )