Work Wellness

Getting your company to move together is a great way to get your team to bond with each other. Studies have shown that leaving your desk and moving in the day allows for better brain function, lowers stress levels, reduced blood pressure and helps to relieve neck and back pain. All of which mean that you can all enjoy a productive day.

We are a small studio offering yoga, Pilates, Reformers, barre and fitness classes. We are the friendliest studio in London, we are independently owned, we offer small classes and we attract experienced teachers who care passionately that you feel the benefits of every class that you attend.

If you want to set up a corporate Yoga and Pilates class for just your company either at Good Vibes studio or at your office? We can offer corporate classes outside of our class times and will find the right teacher for you.

You can’t get everyone together at the same time? Why not buy your team a corporate pack? You can all use this for any class at the studio on any day and  at any time, which gives you all the flexiblity of classes that suit the most busiest of schedules.

Whatever your enquiry, we want to hear from you, please do get in touch as we would love to chat to you about the many ways we can work together:

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