Yoga and Meditation

Meditation can transform your life!  It is well documented that Meditation reduces stress, can help you to sleep better, feel more patient, tolerant and understanding of yourself and others. It can help you to get in touch with how you feel emotionally and physically. It provides a space in your day where you are a human- being, not a human doing! It increases your quality of life and can help you to be a better person.

Meditation itself is simple to learn. When practised regularly it becomes an invaluable skill for dealing with everyday life. When this is developed, it becomes a great tool for dealing with challenges or adverse situations. The type of Meditation taught is for all, regardless of background or faith. The aim is to enter into a space of stillness and calm which naturally releases stress. Through focus on the breath, mind and body are synchronised, a re-connection to self is made and feelings of balance, relaxation and peace can permeate your being.

Join experienced teacher, Flo for 45 minutes of challenging flow followed by 15 minutes of meditation. Flow and let go for working week mood booster!

All levels welcome.

What to wear: vests and leggings or shorts so that you can move around.

Our mat classes are practised in a FAR infra red heated room, warmed to the temperature of a warm sunny day and turned off in the Summer months.

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