Vinyasa means “to place in a special way”. Each session is challenging but nurturing, expect to flow through a sequence that will also ground you. Every Glow Yoga teacher follows the studio ethos, which is to offer excellent and consistent teaching geared towards your personal abilities. The “how does it feel” is more important than the “how do I look” and we will encourage you to do what is best for you as an individual, so you’ll find no ‘one size fits all’ practices here.

At Glow Yoga you will find a commitment to teaching, an intelligent dynamic yoga flow, where movement is continual and fluid, set to a mindful and steady pace that progresses in intensity.

Each teacher will teach in their own unique way so go expecting to be challenged in new and interesting ways.

Vinyasa open level classes are 45/60/75/90 minutes long. All levels of experience are welcome, though if you are brand new to yoga or looking to improve, try a foundation class first of all.

What to wear: vests and leggings or shorts so that you can move around.

Our mat classes are practised in a FAR infra red heated room, warmed to the temperature of a warm sunny day and turned off in the Summer months.

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