Bliss Restorative

Bliss restorative yoga classes have been specially created to nourish you back into balance. Candlelight creates a beautifully tranquil atmosphere and the studio is gently heated to encourage the body to open safely and soothe stiffness and muscle soreness.

Bliss restorative classes have been designed to help dissolve everyday stress and to soothe the sympathetic nervous system with a carefully constructed series of poses, calming or revitalising breathing techniques and mindful movement to improve your mobility.

Poses are fully supported with props, to encourage the body to gently release and open. You’ll dissolve tension in muscles, gain a deeper connection with the breath and feel calmer after a class. Regular practice of Bliss restorative yoga will impart a profound sense of renewal, relaxation and well-being and are the perfect counterbalance to modern day stress, anxiety and fatigue.

Bliss restorative classes are recommended for everyone.

Our mat classes are practised in a FAR infra red heated room, warmed to the temperature of a warm sunny day and turned off in the Summer months. FAR infra red is not suitable for pregnancy. Please be on time or you may not be admitted.

What to wear: vest, layers to wear and leggings or shorts so that you can move around.

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