We offer a modern approach to yoga. We believe that your practice should cultivate awareness and we aim for all our teaching to be in line with the latest anatomy and movement thinking.

Expect mindful and creative flow classes. We also offer other selected yoga styles that complement the studio ethos.

Our mat classes are practised in a FAR infra red heated room, warmed to the temperature of a warm sunny day and turned off in the Summer months. The warmth allows your body to safely open and release, with SAD lighting to improve your mood during each class.

Benefits of Yoga: increased mobility, flexibility, build muscle strength and stamina, keep your joints juicy, increases blood flow, it boosts your immunity, reduces stress, improves your sleep and will give you an increased level of wellbeing.

What to wear: vests and leggings or shorts so that you can move around.

Pregnant? Please ask us (link to [email protected]) which classes are suitable for you before you book in. Please be on time or you may not be admitted.

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*We will need a photo ID and proof of UK address. One per client.

Class Types


The beginners foundation yoga classes are taught at a pace where you get to experience the poses and adjust them so that they feel good in your body.


Challenging but nurturing vinyasa flow class with options to work harder. Not for beginners.

Flow and Restore

This class is an embodied, explorative and mindful practice

Bliss Restorative

A floor based yoga practice where you are fully supported by props to dissolve stress and soothe the nervous system.

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