Strength, Cardio, Tone

STRENGTH, CARDIO, TONE 45 mins - a structured class that works you through timed sections. You’ll start with a warm up, then move into a strengthening section based on technique where you’ll feel your muscles burn. You then move into EMOM where you add on an exercise each round and you end with a lengthening resistance band section before your cool down. A sharp 45 minutes to get you fit and lean.

These classes we use the full range of our favourite equipment including kettle bells, TRX suspension to resistance bands to keep your body and mind challenged in every session. By combining cardio and resistance training in one powerful workout, you increase your ability to build and strengthen muscle, increase your stamina and reduce your body fat while at the same time conditioning your cardiovascular system. BOOM!


Only 10 people in class

What to wear: vests, leggings and trainers.

Please be on time or you may not be admitted.

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*We will need a photo ID and proof of UK address. One per client.

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