Mat Pilates

Mat Pilates lengthens and strengthens muscles at the same time, which helps to correct imbalances and develops better body alignment.  You will improve your posture and mobility and the stability and alignment of your joints in movement which means you’ll reduce your chances of injury. Pilates also develops a more supportive core support which in turn allows for more efficient movement.

Pilates gives you the foundational strength to work more effectively in all your classes be it yoga, Reformer Pilates or Strength,Cardio,Tone and is good to help undo the habitual patterning of  sitting down at a desk all day. Pilates will create a perfectly balanced, long, lean, and strong body.

Pilates is an open level class, all levels of experience are welcome.

What to wear: vests and leggings so that you can move around.

Our mat classes are practised in a FAR infra red heated room, warmed to the temperature of a warm sunny day and turned off in the Summer months.

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