Yoga & Pilates One-to-one

We offer 60 minute bespoke yoga or mat Pilates one to ones where we can look at your practice, make specific adjustments and provide hands-on adjustments.

The sessions are designed to help you understand how to adjust the poses for your body and will encourage ease of movement as well as teach you how to use your body more efficiently and with ease. You can also choose to have a session that is completely restorative to undo the stresses in your life.

These sessions are great for all who are looking for a deeper and personalised experience and have specific goals in mind.

£95 for 60 mins available at off peak times. 

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Bespoke one-to-one Restorative Yoga

Good Vibes Founder, Nahid de Belgeonne, offers bespoke one-to-one restorative yoga sessions which starts with finding out a bit more about your lifestyle, goals and the changes you are looking to make.

She designs a class just for you with props to gently open and release to allows you to  breathe into tight or blocked areas of the body and mind.  The session ends with a guided meditation.

These sessions are helpful for those with anxiety, stress and sleep issues as well as those who are looking for additional support through illness or big life changes.

A one-to-one 1.5 hour restorative session with Nahid is £195 or £250 for two people and is held at off peak times at either studio.

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