Embrace change


Autumn Equinox

Gain a new perspective this week as the Autumn Equinox moves us into Winter, embrace the changes, mix things up a little and shake up your routine to get through the new season with VIGOUR!

Here's why change is good:

It makes you adaptable – it’s natural to feel strongly about your passions but it’s also good to not get so attached that you can’t try something new and be open to different experiences.

When you try something different, it can often act as a catalyst for change and even progress.

You also discover new insights about yourself, are you out of your comfort zone when you are faced with change? Is it surprising or does it feel challenging? Often when we get irritated or anxious about change it can mean that we are tightly managing every aspect of our lives, adopt a more fluid approach and see what new possibilities open up for you.

Do let us know how you get on #GoodVibes

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Try these classes

Emmy will be teaching the two Monday mornings Glow yoga at Fitzrovia - yoga is a wonderful way to set the tone for the week ahead. Book in and see how your Monday pans out.

Your feedback told us that you want more Pilatesso Thursday lunchtimes at Covent Garden is changing back to a strong Pilates class book in with cover teacher, Nid and let us know what you think.

Ally takes over the Monday morning Power Platesclasses, book in.

A couple of Glow Cycle classes a week will guarantee fat loss as well as cardiovascular benefits, our challenge to you is can you walk up the escalators at the tube station without huffing and puffing? We can!

We recommend Glow Cycle to you if you are a runner to improve your leg speed and strength, you have a weight loss goal or anyone wanting to get seriously fit.

Try our new Glow Cycle teachers, Mai takes over the Monday mornings and Thursday evenings, Carli takes over Tuesday mornings and Sevda takes over Fridays 5.30pm -  all getting great reviews! Book in. 


Coming up...

Yoga for Runners and Cyclists Saturday September 27th at 3pm with Lexie to run faster, with more power and less injury. Book here.

Glow Yoga Foundation for Beginners and Improvers withChoi, to learn how to adjust every pose to suit your body. 4th October 3pm - 5pm. Book now

Meditation for Modern Life with Clive on Sunday 5th October 3.30pm - 5.30pm will give you the tools to keep you on an even keel no matter what life throws at you.Book in

For our full list of workshops click heretweet to let your friends know that you are coming.

Members, get 20% off all workshops, not yet a memberJoin up today to enjoy our brilliant classes for so much less.

#GoodVibes x

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22 September 2014