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One breath at a time

How do we stay on an even keel when the world is so chaotic and alarming? Being paralysed by fear isn’t helpful and ignoring the news isn't always possible.

The answer lies in focussing on the here and now. If you feel overwhelmed with sadness or hopelessness, try this simple breath exercise.

Sit or stand with feet flat on the floor, hip-width apart. Place a hand on the belly and take a few relaxed breaths, feel your belly expand as you inhale and gently draw back in as you exhale.

With your palm on your belly, silently count the length of the inhale and the exhale for a few breaths. Aim to make the inhale and the exhale equal counts.

Once your breaths are equal, increase the length of your exhalation by a count of 1, keep the breath smooth and relaxed. Continue to gradually increase the exhale by 2 seconds. You want to aim for the exhale to be twice as long as the inhale. This needs to feel easy and relaxed so no forcing or pushing beyond your capacity.

Do 6-8 rounds of this and when you are ready to finish, end your practice with 6 relaxed breaths and notice how much calmer you feel.

If you want to train your mind to become emotionally resilient,  we recommend that you cultivate a regular yoga practice. The Foundation is a techniques based class, for beginners and improvers. If you want to undo the stresses of modern living, try the restorative Bliss Yoga classes we have a NEW Sunday class with Alison at 3.15pm.

If you want a flow before you release into the floor, try the delicious Glow Yang and Yin, this class ends with yoga nidra and will work you, release you and leave you in a blissful state of equilibrium.

Check out the timetable here.


Fitzrovia Open Day Tuesday 14th October

Bring a friend into our Fitzrovia studio Open day on TUESDAY 14th October, and they can try a class for FREE*

You can also book your friend in advance by emailing Sarah who will be on hand all day to chat you about the best membership option for you!

If you have never tried a Glow Cycle class before, YOU can have it on the day for FREE, book in here.

Good Vibes Founder Nahid will be there from 4pm onwards manning the reception desk.

Stylish fitness clothing company, Pepper and Mayne will be offering a 20% discount on their new collection.

Free classes are available all day long but join us for bubbles at 4pm onwards – see you in there!

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*NEW Clients only


Happy Body Bootcamp 23rd - 25th January 2015

We've devised the perfect detox weekend after the excesses of the Christmas and New Year -  a weekend of Pilates and restorative yoga and yoga nidra ( a deep guided meditation) to set up good intentions for the year.

Led by Good Vibes Director and Founder Nahid de Belgeonne and popular Glow Pilates teacher Antonia Ptohides, this Pilates and yoga retreat is a tranquil escape from the overwhelming buzz of everyday life.

We spend very little time listening to what our body needs, which after a long week at work is usually downtime.

This retreat will not only refocus the mind after the busy festive period, but will also rejuvenate and refresh the body readying it for the new-year.

Most people have given up their diets by the end of January, but this boot camp pushes fads to the side and introduces long-term health and well being.

You’ll enjoy delicious alkaline food which is dairy, wheat and sugar free, you’ll come back glowing and full of #GoodVibes. A great kick start to the New Year.

Hurry to book your place! Early bird discount to the 31st October, more info here.

See you in class!

#GoodVibes x

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12 October 2014