Why Cycle?



You don’t need to be fit to cycle, but cycling will get you fit!

Welcome to the first instalment of my Good Vibes Cycle blog.

If you have never experienced indoor cycling you are in the right place.  If you cycle indoors regularly you are in the right place.  Anything in between you are in the right place.

To answer the Header of this post in short - Good Vibes accommodates a 360 degrees exercise approach towards achieving and maintaining your fitness and well being  goals.  The cycle studio provides the essential cardio element.

Let’s get me out of the way in this first posting and then we can focus on you.

I love music, food, style, animals (mostly the feline variety) and cycling. Pretty normal then. I have been coaching indoor cycling at Good Vibes since April 2014 and thoroughly enjoy riding with such an enthusiastic, aspirational lovely group of people.

The energy and passion creates an exhilarating experience.  Each class brings a mix of regular and new riders usually with any number of goals in mind.

I’ve been there! So how did I get here?

I discovered my passion for outdoor and indoor cycling following wear and tear from long distance running which eventually put a stop to pavement pounding.

For two years I failed to find a fitness replacement. Frustrating!  During that time my love of food was not sacrificed to accommodate a more sedentary lifestyle and I gained 2 stone in weight.  My passion for fashion suffered along with my well being.  Heading towards the big four zero I new I had to find something quick!

I discovered a new Indoor Cycling studio had opened close to home and a friend suggested I check it.   Suddenly I was haunted by my one previous experience of a Spin class at a gym 15 years previously and shuddered with dread.  I recall it feeling incredible unnatural for the body and my scientific mind couldn’t understand how it could possibly be beneficial.

What I know now is that I should not have based the practise of indoor cycling on that one bad experience.  I read up on the instructors at the new studio establishing that their eligibility would put me in the best position to enjoy the activity and achieve my goals. 4 months later I was back in my jeans and rewarded myself with a rather nice outdoor racing bike!

Years of training indoors and outside with some of the best cycle coaches and instructors educated and inspired me to want to motivate and coach others to achieve their fitness goals through indoor cycling.  I have since studied, practised and qualified and coach at various studio’s across London. I continuously study the fast moving progressions and findings in sports science mostly focusing on those that benefit cycling.

As a member of the global Indoor Cycling Association I am constantly kept up to date and in touch with the worlds leading Indoor Cycling mentors and regularly attending lectures which equip me with ongoing knowledge and experience.  This enables me to constantly bring efficient and effective programs to the cycle studio during which I endeavour to share bites size chunks of knowledge to further benefit and enhance your workout.

So enough of me.

Are you 100% sure that you are truly maximising your cardio time?Do you have the desire to continuously improve and reap the benefits? 

Technique is everything and helps delivers results efficiently and effectively. Knowledge is motivational.

To elevate your knowledge & understanding and hone technique there is nothing quite as effective as a practical deep dive.  So not even off the press yet this is heads up that the first Glow Cycle Workshop will take place in the new year.  The program will absolutely benefit all levels of experience as well as new riders.  Expect eye opening revelations and some facts vs fiction.  Full Workshop details will land in your mailbox soon.

Over my forthcoming postings I will touch on some of the subjects that will be included in the program including GOALS, TECHNIQUE’S, FUEL BURNING, WHY HIIT(High Intensity Interval Training).  I will also share the answers and findings to some of the questions I often get asked.

Meantime, regulars keep your foot firmly on the pedal and first timers book a class and let’s ride!



Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn.

Ben Franklin



25 October 2014