Yoga Teacher Training FAQs

The Good Vibes 200hr RYT course was developed by Good Vibes Founder, Nahid de Belgeonne because she felt there was a gap in the market for a course that was deeply rooted within its rich tradition and yet offered a modern, intelligent and anatomically sound approach.

She also wanted to include those who can’t easily take a chunk of time off work and so has designed a course that over delivers on the 200hr criteria as set by Yoga Alliance US and is held at weekends for 12 months making it easy to fit in for those with busy work schedules.

Here she is answering the most commonly asked questions.


Why is this course different?

“This course is different because it delivers to the high standards of a much more advanced course, we do not teach you systems or methods. We deliver rich content that is non-dogmatic. We ensure that you understand applied anatomy so that you can confidently teach and adapt the poses for different bodies. We also teach you to question, to be curious and to find your own authentic voice.

In order to have longevity in this business, the Good Vibes 200hr yoga teacher training course will give you the tools to think on your feet when you are teaching so that you stand out from the one-pose-fits-all mentality. We teach you the function of the pose and from that you can make intelligent decisions of how you prepare and how you adapt your poses. Being able to cultivate awareness in your students will make for compelling classes that will make them come back again and again.”

The benefits of  our 12 month course.

“The course is held one weekend a month over 12 months. This allows you the time to develop your own practice and to develop your teaching. It also gives you the time to process the information and then come back on the next weekend to ask questions will help you to refine your understanding. The duration of the 12 months means you have the time to form a long standing relationship with your teachers and fellow students, and will enable you to become an informed and nurturing yoga teacher, skilfully sharing the joy and empowerment that yoga can bring.”

Who is on the teaching faculty?

“I’m the course leader and have been teaching bodies for 10 years and yoga for 8 years and have a practice of over 20 years.  Without a doubt my yoga practice has made me calmer and saner even though I started out as a yoga sceptic. My particular interest is embodied or sensed movement, I am a Somatic coach as well as a Feldenkrais teacher in training, this training will take 4 years to complete.

Co-teacher Holly Warren, was bought up the contemplative tradition. Following a successful international career as a professional contemporary dancer, she combined many of the key aspects of both disciplines, with a particular focus on the balancing and revitalising quality of the breath and its capacity for change on both mind and body. Holly has been teaching yoga for 10 years and training teachers for 5 years.

The visiting lectures include a few of my own significant teachers including John Stirk and Gary Carter as well as Anna Low who teaches anatomy, Daniel Simpson, writer and author, who teaches a current take on Philosophy and Ben Wolff who teaches the essentials of what makes yoga, yoga! Between us we have over 100 years of teaching experience! We all have our unique but synchronised take on how relevant yoga is in our modern stressful times and how you can best serve your students."

Who is the course for?

“Ideally you will have a regular practice of at least 2 years, we are not looking for perfect arm balances or headstands so it doesn’t matter whether you can achieve the big poses, what you will learn on this course is the foundational steps to achieve the bigger poses if that is what you are looking for. However, we think after 12 months on this course you will understand that this tradition is so much deeper than just the asana ( poses).

We are looking for the students who can commit to attending every weekend, who can commit to the homework of around 10 hours a month, which includes reading, practising, attending our classes, observing and assisting, self-reflection and writing.  And those who are looking for an intelligent and deep dive into the yogic tradition and its place in the modern world.

You will need 2 references one can be your current yoga teacher and someone who knows you in a professional setting. And you can pay in full or in 3 instalments before the start of the course.”

What will you gain?

You will leave with an internationally recognised yoga qualification which will allow you to work anywhere in the world. But more importantly you will leave with a better understanding of what it means to be you, if personal development is what you are looking for you this is a great course to deepen your own practice and facilitate change. You cultivating self- awareness is the first step to becoming an authentic yoga teacher and this process takes time.

We only run one 200 hour course a year, the course will only ever take a maximum of 20 students and with 2 teachers every weekend you will get our full attention and focus.  In addition we both offer one-to-ones at a student price for individual tutoring and you get 20% off all classes at Good Vibes.

What are the opportunities for you after the course?

After the course you will get a fast track to audition for cover work at the Good Vibes studios, we already have 2 former students who graduated in April 2018 who now teach permanent classes here because the client feedback to their cover classes was so good. Other students have gone on to successfully launch their own yoga businesses and are teaching full time. This course encourages you to teach your friends and family from the get go. We teach you to prepare and plan your own intelligently and creatively sequenced classes,  you will leave with your own devised  beginners course so that you can set up beginners yoga course as soon as you leave. We will teach you how to successfully audition for studios and also give you insider marketing tips on how to find your authentic voice and how to identify your tribe to market to.

Sign me up!

The best thing to do is to register your interest on the website and we will send you the booking form or come to Nahid’s classes and have a conversation with her afterwards. Look out for the upcoming yoga masterclasses and Q&As so keep an eye on our social media and newsletters for the dates.


The course starts in April 2019 and you can register your interest at

27 December 2018