Move for your mind

How is your week going? Have you come back from the Summer holidays feeling energised and ready to face whatever comes your way? Or...not? Depression, anxiety and other mental health issues can affect us at any time, making you feel as if you're surviving, rather than thriving, and when everyone around you seems to be having fun, it can be really hard to reach out to people and ask for help..

Professional help is always recommended if you are battling to cope, but one of the best ways to ease out your stresses and refocus your mind is to move. It may be hard to motivate yourself to come to class if you're feeling low, but commit to a regular class and you’ll notice that you feel a little more grounded afterwards. 

HIIT to Balance your Hormones

The 30min workout sessions are great for balancing hormones as well as improving your insulin response, keeping your blood sugar level. The faster classes also mean you'll get maximum results without depleting your resources. Try Boxfit to ease out your stresses and for a healthy outlet for pent up emotion, or TRX Suspension to challenge your balance, focus your mind and get those endorphins pumping.

Engage your brain with Pilates

You may know that our mat Pilates classes are good for your core, but did you know they're great for your brain too? To properly master and get results out of each exercise, your brain needs to be fully engaged in the present moment. Not only does this improve concentration and focus, but it may also help to ease you out of the funk you were stuck in.

Slow it Down

Slow it down with Restorative yoga to give you a sense of calm in a busy and overwhelming world. Longer held poses supported by props help to trigger the parasympathetic nervous system, re-balancing stress responders in the body that can be damaging and cultivating a higher body breath awareness.

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11 September 2018