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I was a burnt out corporate, working eighty hour weeks in advertising. I tried shopping, Pinot Grigio and my Mum, but in the end nothing in my life was working, so I decided to straighten myself with six months in the yoga schools of India.

Although my plan to become a yoga goddess with a retinue of devoted male followers fell by the wayside, I did come home with a suitcase full of diaries and the knowledge that my happiness lay in writing. A year later Random House published Yoga School Dropout.

Suddenly I was getting emails from all over the world. As I shared my story readers shared theirs – how yoga was also helping them get healthy, happy and creative. How they were leaving old lives behind to become designers of clothes, malas, mats … The list went on and on.

I decided to make a home for all this inspiring talent – bringing together a curated collection of beautiful things under one ‘Made By Yogis’ roof.

A yogi creates from a place of knowing what another yogi needs. Whether we’re talking mats, malas or leggings, yogi designers are mindful of everything important. Of course we all want to look great (we yogis are only human!) but for yogis it’s also about the way things feel, fit and flow, and their impact on our beautiful planet.

One of the greatest pleasures of setting up this store has been meeting amazing women, from all over the world, inspired by their yoga practice to create malas, mats and yogawear. Polish Natalia Zawada and her plantable hangtags, Finnish Annakatja – single mother of three, trainee yoga teacher and the world’s biggest sandalwood fan, Dutch Marlene Smits, who jacked in her job as Editor in Chief of Elle to design her own rock-chick yoga wear, Californian sisters Trina and Charlene who give a dollar from every sale to rescue dogs in Bali, where their free-spirited yogawear is made. Woof woof.

I like to think of our platform as a meeting place for kindred spirits – recognising the light in each other through its creative expression – manifesting as an eco-friendly mat, a mala, or a pair of leggings made out of coffee grounds. I imagine a customer finding the perfect mala with a nod of recognition and a warm smile, and its designer doing a happy dance because their heart’s creation has been recognised by a like-minded soul. In a world of mass-produced and faceless it’s all about treasuring the human-scale and the artisan.

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Namaste to that!

Lucy Edge


8 September 2017