Sharpen up for the season ahead

Getting back to it after Summer holidays can sometimes seem a bit of an uphill struggle. Get your energy up and keep it strong by combining classes and mixing up your routine. Combining classes will work your whole body AND keep your mind agile, helping you to stay on it throughout the new season.

Whether you want to get strong, mobile, or build strength, we've put together some class combos to get you started. Read on for more and then book your classes here.

Get Mobile

Vinyasa Flow - Yoga is a great way to improve your mobility as it promotes myofascial release, which is release deep into the soft tissues of your body. Adding regular yoga classes to your fitness routine will increase your flexibility and range of motion, increase muscle activation and decrease your risk of injury as your body becomes more pliable. Plus, it has the added benefit of keeping your mind calm and centred. Book in.  

TRX Suspension - Flexibility and mobility are two different things, and one doesn't always lead to the other. Flexibility is the total range of motion around a joint in a passive exercise, while mobility is the amount of functional movement around a joint while in active motion. TRX benefits both, by adding resistance and leverage to a stretch, meaning you can safely move the body through a greater range of motion than you might otherwise be able to, improving your overall body mechanics and posture. Book in.  

Mat Pilates - Pilates isn't only good for building that powerhouse core. It also helps to improve posture by elongating and strengthening your muscles, improve muscle tone, balance and joint mobility, as well as correct muscle imbalances in the body caused by regular daily life and habitual patterns. It trains your body to move in safer, more efficient patterns of motion for optimal health and wellbeing. Book in. 

Build Strength

Bodyweight HIIT - This class will wake up your nervous system, increase calorie burn AND it'll help you build serious strength. The short intense bursts of exercise in HIIT classes, increase maximal oxygen consumption, which in turn improves your strength capacity and endurance. Book in.  

Reformer Pilates -  Build inner strength with Reformer Pilates. The Reformer provides a full body workout through resistance exercises and multi-plane movement. The Reformer springs assists and resists movements building a balanced body and a long lean silhouette. Book in.  

Kettlebells - A fantastic way to sculpt your body, this class incorporates dynamic mindful movements, combining cardio and strength training.  Kettlebells are highly demanding on the neuromuscular system making it unbeatable for strength and fat loss training. Movements with kettlebells utilise every single muscle in the body, creating a leaner and stronger body shape. Book in. 

Reduce Stress

Yoga and Meditation - The lovely Florentina  brings yoga and meditation to Wednesday mornings. Flo's background is in the field of holistic bodywork and healing and she has been an avid practitioner of yoga and meditation for over 20 years. She finds integrating these practices into daily living to be joyful and empowering tools that are the perfect antidote to the fast pace of city living. 45 mins of flow followed by 15 mins of meditation.

Find your balance on wednesday morning, 7.30 - 8.30am, Fitzrovia. Book in.  

Bliss Restorative - Recharge your batteries, rid your mind of everyday stress and nurture the sympathetic nervous system with a carefully constructed series of poses, calming or revitalising breathing techniques and mindful, flowing movement. You'll leave feeling renewed, relaxed in body and centred in mind. Book in.  

Yang and Yin - A strong and sweaty dynamic flow in a Yang style of yoga to build strength and stamina and to wring out the day, followed by a delicious Yin yoga sequence with held restorative poses that allow the body to open and release, and culminating in a calming yoga nidra. This class is the perfect way to rebalance and restore, understanding the need to move and sweat but also to rest and release deeply. Book in. 




29 August 2017

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