Step up for Bootcamp Circuits

Have you heard the news? We’ve added an exciting new class to our small group training schedule – Bootcamp Circuits.

What is it? This is the class where we use all of our toys to test your agility, strength and power and prepare to sweat and torch the fat! Suitable for beginners and the advanced, each class will be different as you move through different exercise stations, mixing up movements and equipment to keep you and your body guessing.

Check out the timetable and book into these exciting new classes here! Remember, trainers will need to be worn for the Circuit Bootcamp and be sure to arrive at least 5 minutes early for your class, as due to the high intensity nature, you won’t be able to join once the class has started.

Here are 5 reasons to step up to the circuit bootcamp challenge!

Keep your body healthy

Circuit classes give you a hefty dose of cardiovascular exercise, improving your bodies respiratory system and keeping your heart healthy. This not only lessens your risk of heart disease, but also, as your heart grows stronger, you’ll also be able to exercise at the same intensity for longer. This is because your bodies aerobic capacity improves, as does the stroke volume of your heart (the amount of blood pumped in one beat), so your heart rate reduces as it’s put under less stress.

Challenge your whole body

The range of exercises and equipment used in a circuit class means you’ll be worked from head to toe. You’ll work through different stations, meaning every major and minor muscle group is targeted, toning and strengthening all those pesky problem areas. Circuit training also improves your body composition, meaning you’ll reduce your fat percentage and increase muscle mass, which has the added benefit of boosting your calorie burn during rest and exercise and firing up your metabolism.

Maximise your results

Unless you work in fitness, most of us don’t have hours to spend sweating it out at the gym. The high intensity nature of a circuits class means no time is wasted, giving you maximum results in minimum time. The 30min class is expertly sequenced by our teachers to ensure you’re balancing periods of intense effort with short rest periods, to increase the effect of each exercise and keep your body firing on all cylinders. Much more effective than standing in line for the treadmill at the gym!

Improve strength and endurance

Strength training is great for improving posture and muscle tone as well as strengthening the muscle fibres in the body responsible for increasing power and lessening fatigue. Not only will this keep you going for longer in your circuit classes, it will also improve your performance in other classes such as yoga and Pilates, as well as running and cycling. You should also start to see an improvement in your energy levels day to day if you often find yourself flagging by the afternoon.

Banish boredom

One of the comments we hear most often as to why clients have given up on their fitness routines in the past is getting bored of the same gym session, classes or routines week after week. The format of our circuit training class is flexible, which means classes are constantly changing. You’ll be using equipment in different ways and sequences, and different equipment in every class. Not only does this keep your body guessing, but it keeps your mind active and focused as well, meaning you’re that much more likely to keep coming back for more, and reach your fitness goals.

Mix and match your circuit bootcamp classes with our other 30min small group training classes for maximum effect.

TRX Suspension: Suspension Training with the TRX using your bodyweight and gravity. The TRX class develops strength, muscular endurance, balance, flexibility and core stability simultaneously. Working multiplanar movements and incorporating primal movement patterns to get you functionally fit and gain integrated strength. Increases lean muscle tone and facilitates fat loss. It's low impact on the joints too. Ticks all the boxes, full body workout and time efficient. Book in


Boxfit: These classes will improve your cardio fitness, hand -eye co-ordination, strength, power, speed and skill. Involves mainly boxing combinations with cardio drills and some specific boxing exercises. Great for stress relief and fun. Boxing techniques class is for beginners to learn technique and form before joining other classes. Book in

HIIT: Our HIIT classes are aimed to get you moving better and mindfully, incorporating natural primal movements patterns and animal movements such as crawls, lunges, squats and twists to really wake up your nervous system, resulting in improved fluidity of movement and movement integration. Book in

Kettlebells: Kettlebells are a fantastic way to really improve your fitness and shape up. The class incorporates dynamic mindful movements, combining cardio and strength training.  Kettlebells are highly demanding on the neuromuscular system making it unbeatable for strength and fat loss training. You will improve every aspect of your fitness; strength, flexibility, mobility and cardiovascular fitness. Book in

18 July 2017