Are you ready for the Fitstarter?

With Summer holidays almost upon us, do you feel like you’ve left it a little late to get into your exercise rhythm this year? Don’t despair! We have THE plan to get you motivated and feeling great for your holidays.

Jumpstart your fitness with the Fitstarter, a 4 week package of all of the Good Vibes classes. At only £250, it works out to just £10 a class if you follow our weekly plan

If you are looking to shed a little padding, we recommend the 30 minute Boxfit, Kettlebells and HIIT classes. If you are looking for a waist, come to mat and reformer Pilates

If you are looking for mobility, yoga and TRX Suspension  and Barre are the classes to go to.

The best approach with the Fitstarter package is to mix and match your classes for a supple and sculpted body. Ready to start? Here's your 4 week plan:

The best approach is to mix and match your classes for a supple and sculpted body. Ready to start? Here's your 4 week plan:

Week One: We recommend you start with 5 classes in week one to allow yourself days to rest, and to make sure you don't overdo it and end up losing motivation.

Monday: Beginners Reformer with Elisa, 5.15pm, Fitzrovia

Tuesday: Pilates with Harriet, 7.30pm, Fitzrovia.

Wednesday: Rest day

Thursday: TRX Suspension with Kat, 12.50pm, Covent Garden  

Friday: Bliss Restorative Yoga with Zofia, 6pm, Covent Garden

Saturday: Rest day

Sunday: Strength and Cardio with Cezary 12.30pm, Covent Garden

Week Two: Ramp it up to 6 classes this week to boost your metabolism and fat burn. Increasing Kettlebell and HIIT classes will give you a full body workout even on those busy days and will keep you burning calories long after you've left class. 

Monday: Barre with Fran, 7.15am, Covent Garden.

Tuesday: Vinyasa Flow with Kirsty, 12.45pm, Covent Garden.

Wednesday: Rest Day

Thursday: Jumpboard Reformer Cardio with Jennifer, 12.15pm, Fitzrovia

Friday: Kettlebells with Ambar, 12.50pm, Covent Garden

Saturday: TRX with Maya 11.10am, Fitzrovia. 

Sunday: Bliss Restorative Yoga with Tracey 3.15pm, Covent Garden

Week Three: As you're getting into your stride, push yourself even more with a class a day this week. Keep up the HIIT training, and add in extra Reformer classes to lengthen and tone your muscles and core, giving you visible results and keeping you motivated. 

Monday:  Boxfit with Ian, 7.50am, Fitzrovia.

Tuesday:  Barre Sculpt with Ellya 5.30pm, Covent Garden

Wednesday: KettleBells with Nicky 8.25am, Fitzrovia.

Thursday: Reformer Pilates with Chrisen 1pm, Fitzrovia.

Friday: HIIT LB+ with Dean 5.30pm, Fitzrovia.

Saturday: TRX+ with Maya 11.10am, Fitzrovia.

Sunday: Flow and Restore with James 11am, Covent Garden.

Week Four: You'll definitely be seeing results by now, with more visible muscle tone, looser clothes and a tighter tum, so keep up the energy with a class a day. Glow Ballet Tone will give you the Summer body you're after, plus our 30min small group training classes will help you shed those stubborn remaining pounds. End with Bliss Restorative to ease out your body. 

Monday:  Kettlebell+ with Eszter, 5.30pm, Fitzrovia.

Tuesday:  TRX+ with Ian 1.25pm, Covent Garden. 

Wednesday: Ballet Burn with Lucy 7.15pm,  Fitzrovia.

Thursday: Reformer Pilates with Alex 7.15am, Fitzrovia.

Friday: Boxfit with Ambar 8.25am, Covent Garden.

Saturday: Pilates with Will 10.00am, Covent Garden

Sunday: Bliss Restorative Yoga with Tracey 3.15pm, Covent Garden.

Now that you're all set with a plan, sign up to the Fitstarter now!

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25 June 2018

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