Stand Tall

How we present ourselves is important in our competitive environment. To be in good alignment is energy efficient and allows you to use your energy to be more creative and productive. Good posture allows us to appear more youthful,  a mobile and juicy spine is  good indicator of our vibrancy and energy. It also means that our organs including the heart and lungs have the space to expand into the internal space we create.

Why do YOU need to get involved with TRX suspension training?

Being in good alignment makes our everyday movements more efficient and powerful.

Sit up tall. What did you do to achieve that? Stick out your front ribs out? Hyper extend the lumbar spine? That’s the sort of faking that does no one any favours. It is time to focus on the smaller muscles, the ones we generally pay no attention to. Say hello to your serratus, these muscles sit underneath your shoulder blades, they encourage the shoulder blades to sit onto the ribs.  If these are weak, your shoulders wing out. How to strengthen them? We need more pull-up movements in our lives.

Let us introduce you to TRX suspension training. You use your body weight, and by drawing onto the handles and lifting the bottom tips of the shoulders blades into the front body you start the process of good organisation around the head, neck and shoulders and from this we stand tall!

TRX creates lean arms, firms up your booty and thighs, make you sit tall and you will be in a good place to perform more aligned chaturangas in your yoga class. Cultivate the strength in the right places to move your practice and fitness forwards. Let this be your mantra in all Good Vibes classes!

16 May 2017