Get the stress monkey off your back


National Stress Awareness Day

Wednesday is National Stress Awareness Day, there are TWO ways to approach it.

Carry on as you are and accept stress as part of modern life OR commit to achievable steps to change.

3 easy things you can do at your desk whenever you feel overwhelmed:

Breathe deeply, taking a deep breath lowers cortisone levels- the stress hormone - and temporarily lowers blood pressure.

Spritz natural lavender room spray around your desk and close eyes and take a slow breath in before you sigh your breath out. Lavender is consistently shown to reduce stress levels and sprayed on your pillow is a calming way o get to sleep.

Meditate for 1 minute: Sit up on your sit bones, close your eyes and imagine your head is as light as a helium balloon.

On an exhale, imagine a circle of light travelling down from the crown of your head all the way down to your feet, take your time and as many breaths as you need, pausing the circle of light when you need to take an inhale and carrying on the downward journey on every exhale.

As the circle of light travels down your body parts imagine totally releasing tension. When you reach your toes slowly open your eyes and notice how much calmer you feel.

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Train your mind to be still

Yoga is a healing practice and a regular practice helps to quieten the mind.

At #GoodVibes we offer mindful movement in a warm room to help you to let go of pent up stress, if you haven't tried it before, book into a Foundation class, which is techniques based or the delicious restorative Bliss classes held towards the end of the week.

Check out the timetable here.

Coming up...

A few workshops to soothe you are:

Glow Yang and Yin Yoga Workshop to boost your immune system with a deep 30 minute guided meditation on vitality and energy will set you back on track an give you strategies to look after yourself.

Saturday 22nd November 3pm - 5pm with Good Vibes Founder Nahid de Belgeonne book in here.

Gong Meditation on December 6th - let the epic sound of the gong ease you into the festive period, the reverberating tones of the gong bathe the body in rich sound wave meditation. Book here.

Calm before Christmas on December 13th -  your last chance to grab a bit of calm before the festivities take over. Book here.

We have a NEW class starting on Friday 7th November at  lunchtime at Fitzrovia studioGlow band workout with new teacher Sam Walters.

It's a challenging resistance band workout to music, let us know what you think. Book in here.

Jade is back to teach Glow Cycle on Wednesday nights 6.30pm until Sevda is back from her studies. Book here.

Join Rhia on Tuesday 4th for the monthly Beginners Cycle class at 5.45pm - 35 min and get in early - this is a techniques class so if you need to nudged back into a good habits, climb in the saddle. Book here.

Welcome Eszter who has joined the #GoodVibes Power Plate team and already getting a reputation as a smiling assasin! Book here.

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A whole year of HAPPY!

Join us as a member and your class per visit gets cheaper the more you come. You can treat yourself to a whole year of HAPPY by paying £950 in FULL right now which means your per month price is a snip at £79!

BUY NOW £950

OR you can pay monthly over 12 months for £95 pcm which works out at  7.91 per class if you come 3 times a week or £5.93 if you come to class 4 times a week - that's where the magic happens.


GoodVibes membership is the gift that keeps giving!

Don't forget that if you have a 10+ active pass you can bring a friend* to a class for FREE!

All you have to do is to send their details here.

And if your friend signs up to a 6 or 12 month membership we will give you BOTH a Birchbox of beauty goodies for FREE*- make sure that they give us your name on sign up.

Let's keep lean this winter, see you in class!

#GoodVibes x

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2 November 2014