Are you ready for brand new fitness at Fitz?

From Boxing to Reformer Pilates, TRX to HIIT, they're all on the timetable and doors open at 7am tomorrow. In the meantime we thought we'd give you a little sneak peek of the studio and the classes to whet your appetite!

We're so excited for the grand reopening of our Fitzrovia studio tomorrow. Have you booked in to try the new classes yet? From Boxing to Reformer Pilates, TRX to HIIT, all taught by your favourite teachers as well as some fantastic new team members. Classes are on the timetable now, so book here!

Don't forget, the Covent Garden studio will be closed for refurbishment from this Friday 7th April and will reopen on Wednesday 19th April. If you still have questions, we have more FAQ's and details about our refurbishment, membership and new classes here, or please email Barbara on [email protected] if you're unsure of anything. 

TRX Suspension:

Suspension Training with the TRX using your bodyweight and gravity. The TRX class develops strength, muscular endurance, balance, flexibility and core stability simultaneously. Working multiplanar movements and incorporating primal movement patterns to get you functionally fit and gain integrated strength.The TRX engages your whole body at a time when performing movements, enabling a very comprehensive workout in a short period of time. Increases lean muscle tone and facilitates fat loss. It's low impact on the joints too. Ticks all the boxes, full body workout and time efficient. Book in


These classes will improve your cardio fitness, hand -eye co-ordination, strength, power, speed and skill. Involves mainly boxing combinations with cardio drills and some specific boxing exercises. Great for stress relief and fun. Boxing techniques class is for beginners to learn technique and form before joining other classes. Book in


HIIT, or high-intensity interval training, is a training technique in which you give all-out, one hundred percent effort through quick, intense bursts of exercise, followed by short, sometimes active, recovery periods. Our classes are aimed to get you moving better and mindfully, incorporating natural primal movements patterns and animal movements such as crawls, lunges, squats and twists to really wake up your nervous system, resulting in improved fluidity of movement and movement integration. Book in


Kettlebells are a fantastic way to really improve your fitness and shape up. The class incorporates dynamic mindful movements, combining cardio and strength training.  Kettlebells are highly demanding on the neuromuscular system making it unbeatable for strength and fat loss training. Movements with kettlebells utilise every single muscle in the body, creating a leaner and stronger body shape. Working multiplanar movements and incorporating primal movement patterns to get you functionally fit and gain integrated strength. It's great for a brain workout too, improving mental focus, co-ordination and skill. The kettlebells will improve every aspect of your fitness; strength, flexibility, mobility and cardiovascular fitness. It's cardio that is kinder to your joints than hours of endless running. Great for busy people! Book in

Reformer Pilates:

The reformer provides a full body workout through resistance exercises and multi-plane movement. Using the bars and cables on the reformer guarantee you'll use your full range of motion rather than falling into habitual movement patterns. This means the benefits of each exercise will be heightened and your movements will be that much more precise. You'll build a powerhouse core, long lean limbs and a slim silhouette by working through the entire length of each muscle. Those new to reformers must start with a Beginners class. Book in

Jumpboard Cardio:

Not for beginners, this class adds an extra cardio and plyometric workout to the reformer. Perfect if you’re looking to up the challenge or add a little variety, as this one is tough! The workout involves lots of jumping, and kicking as well as lifting and rotating movements to push you hard and make your body sweat. Not only will you improve your cardio fitness, but your muscle tone and core strength too.Book in

See you in class!

4 April 2017

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