Exciting new changes!

Good Vibes Studios is excited to share news… After listening to all of our valued and loved members’ feedback, we will be refurbishing BOTH of the Good Vibes Studio locations and introducing an incredible mix of new class options that reflect the innovative and evolving world of health and fitness! 

What’s coming? A bright and shiny new space that creates a buzzing hub for our members to enjoy: we are refurbishing all areas of both studios, from the reception and bathroom, to the class spaces and changing rooms.  We want our members to know that at Good Vibes Studios, we listen to what you are telling us. 

New Class Line-up We are bursting with excitement for our members to be wowed by our new classes - that really do cater for all tastes and are designed to condition the whole body by offering multi-plane movement.  Time-effective, 30 minute workouts that promise incredible feel-good and body-sculpting results!  We want to breathe life into your daily routine – keeping your mind and body feeling agile and energised.   

Reformers: Resistance Pilates equipment that strengthens as it lengthens your muscles and connective tissue resulting in a lean silhouette. Classes will be taught by our leading and loved Pilates teachers that know you and your body.

Boxing: Strength, power and agility, these dynamic sessions will help to improve your cardio fitness, as well as your nimble hand-eye-coordination.  Not to mention the feeling of utter exhilaration as you literally diffuse all of your pent up tension!

Kettle Bells: A beautiful balance of strength and cardio training, Kettlebells are highly demanding on the neuromuscular system making it unbeatable for strength and fat loss.  Calling upon every single muscle group, this workout encourages a more sculpted and leaner physique.

TRX Suspension: Suspension Training with the TRX lets your bodyweight and gravity do the work. Helping to improve your muscular endurance, balance, flexibility and core stability, TRX engages your entire body –a very comprehensive workout in a short period of time.

Bodyweight HIIT: High Intensity Interval Training is a technique that hones your overall fitness performance by introducing short bursts of dynamic exercise for all muscle groups.  A highly efficient and time-effective workout for busy, modern lifestyles.

When is it happening? Now that you’ve heard about what’s coming, we hope you can hardly wait! Well, you don’t have to wait long as we are set to complete the renovation and will be ready with our new class programme from the beginning of April (full details below).  Look out for your invite to our official launch party – our members will be the first to try and experience the new space and line-up.

What changes? To transform both of our studios we will be carrying out renovation at both studios – but not at the same time, so you will be able to use an alternative location temporarily.  If you are unable to use a different studio location than your usual preference, then please do get in touch and we will have time added to your membership.

Studio Location  Closed for renovation                     Reopens

Fitzrovia            24th – 31st March                               5th April

Covent Garden   7th – 17th (due to Easter holidays)       19th April

Classes Making way and space for our new classes will mean that Power Plates and Spin will no longer be class options.  But, having listened to your feedback and spending a lot of time asking you what you’d like, we are confident that the new classes will be a big hit and welcomed change. 

Membership By making all of the beautiful and dynamic changes, it has meant a big investment, so we will be making some adjustments to our membership prices.  However, for all of our current Good Vibes members, no changes will take place for the first 6 months from our official launch on 5th April. 

The only change that will immediately apply from Monday 3rd April onwards, will be our class cancellation policy, which will now be 12 hours.  Any classes cancelled post 12 hours will mean an automatic payment of £15. This is to make sure that everyone can enjoy the new classes.

New Membership Membership Prices

Yoga/Mat Pilates membership:                      £110pcm 

All Class membership:                                   £135pcm

All Class Pay in full 12 months:                    £1500

Yoga/Mat Pilates pay in full 12 months:       £1200

All Class Pay in full 6 months:                      £850

If you have a Power Plates membership, you will be transferred to a yoga and small group training which includes Boxing, Kettlebells, TRX and Bodyweight HIIT.  

The yoga & cycle membership you will be transferred to a yoga and small group training membership And the all-class membership transfers to all classes, including the reformers.

If you have a pack of classes you can access all classes too!

We know you will love the changes that we have made for you and that your Good Vibes experience will be energised and elevated to new heights.

Look out for news and new classes on the timetable soon. In the meantime, should you have any questions please contact: Barbara on [email protected]

14 March 2017

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