Up the challenge and reap the rewards!

If you're finding yourself a little bored of your fitness routine, if you feel like you're flagging, or you're doing all the things you were doing before that were giving you results...and they just don't seem to be working anymore, it's time to shake it up!

Add an extra class to give your metabolism a kick-start, and reboot your interest and motivation? Read on for a few reasons to step up your fitness.

Challenge your whole body

Have you ever found yourself just wandering around the gym floor aimlessly, or hiding at the back of the yoga room so you could get away with doing a little bit less? It's ok, we've all done it! But in a power plate class, there are only 6 people, so you get the benefits of a personal training session, with nowhere to hide! The classes are also designed to work your whole body from top to toe, especially the circuits class, which incorporates individual "stations" as part of a whole-body circuit, working every major and minor muscle group.

Get out of your fitness rut

When our minds and bodies are bored or under stimulated, we start to lose interest, and that often leads to giving up or slipping into old habits. Adding a different type of class, or a new sport that you've to your routine will work your body in a whole different way, firing up new muscles, and waking up your body. This will rocket your metabolism and give weight loss a boost and will also stimulate your brain, giving it a new challenge to keep you interested and heading towards those fitness goals

Try out the latest tools in fitness

Have you ever been curious about a piece of equipment you've seen but weren't sure how to use it well enough to try it out for yourself, or to ensure proper results? Our Power Plate classes are about so much more than just the plate. Our teachers incorporate the latest exercises and equipment such as the Bosu ball, or kettlebells so not only can you get to grips with new equipment, you'll also reap all the benefits the varied training brings.

Improve your endurance

Just simply standing on the Power Plate or doing a few exercises on it would tone and strengthen your muscles, but wouldn't give you any cardiovascular benefits. That's why we mix it up, using plates as exercise stations, combining exercises on and off the plate and a little bit of partner work means you'll be getting your heart rate up too, great for improving your endurance in other sports and also decreasing the risk of heart disease. All that and you get the cellulite busting benefits of the vibrating plate too!


30 January 2017

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