Make your resolutions stick

Many of us go through the same routine at the start of every year. We set our intentions and start dutifully on the 1st January, but after a few weeks, sometimes even days, we've slipped back into our old patterns and our resolutions have gone out the window. Read on for 5 helpful tips for setting intentions you'll want to follow through. 

Pick just one thing

It's easy to make a whole list of things we want to change at the start of a New Year. It might be to lose weight, to change careers, spend more time with your loved ones or do more for yourself, we all have a host of areas in our life we could work on, but take your time picking the most important intention to you in this moment. While writing a whole list may make you feel ambitious and productive, it can have the opposite effect, you end up losing signt of what you actually want. Take time to sit quietly and to tune in to what you really want. In sanskrit, the 6000 year old ancient language associated with buddhism and hinduism that is the mother of all languages, this is called a san kalpa or a heart felt desire. San Kalpa  is an over riding resolve for how you want to live your life and, unlike a New year's resolution which is full of I musts and I wonts, a san kalpa is set in the present tense.

So rather than telling yourself you must be fit and healthy or be a certain weight by a certain time - you simply set your resolve as " I choose to nourish myself at all times" or "I fully love and accept myself" and my favourite which is "With great respect and love, I honour my heart, my inner teacher" which asks you to listen it to what you need. Hvae a think and tune into what it is that you need right now and set your san kalpa and don't worry, it can change as you need it to.

Commit to it

Once you've decided on your intention, show that you're committed! Write it down, and put it in your purse, stick it up on your bathroom mirror to read while you're brushing your teeth, or set reminders on your phone to pop up when you may need it. 

Refer to it

Before you take action, close your eyes, say your san kalpa three times and then go do the action but pay close heed to the san kalpa as you do it.

Don't give up if you stumble

When we are transitioning into new patterns, failure is natural. Don't berate yourself, or throw everything up in the air. Remind yourself that you are human and move on. Try to figure out why you stumbled in this instance, so you will be that much stronger the next time temptation or doubt calls. 

Nourish yourself

Don't forget to nourish yourself along the way. Small rewards are great encouragement to keep going on those harder days when your goal seems so far away. Regear your rewards so instead of a glass of wine as a treat, get a massage or set up a restorative yoga pose at home, or choose something that genuinely nourishes you rather than numbs you. By accepting that you are a work in progress, the journey will be much kinder and easier to stick to. 


2 January 2017

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