Try this heart-lifting pose

I love this pose for many reasons, it lifts the chest forward of the head - which is the opposite of sitting at a desk all day - so that you retrain tissue to release out of their habitual patterning.  It opens up the connective tissue around the shoulder joint to  counter the ipad hunch. It also opens up tissues around the heart, the lungs, the diaphragm and the ribs to create space for a more expansive breath. as well as creating a  nice stretch for your front body and internal organs.

On an energy level I feel supported by the earth, she has my back! I can also focus on my breath, which is the first thing to go out the window when we are stressed and overwhelmed.

All you need is a rolled up soft blanket or towel, roll it up in a smooth roll and the widest part of the upper back onto the roll, roughly where your bra strap or heart rate monitor strap would sit.

Allow your upper arms to rest above the roll just touching, elbows soft and palms open. Allow your back muscles to soften, if you have no back issues and the pose feels relaxed, you can lengthen your legs along the floor. Pop an eye pillow over your eyes as this kicks off a series of processes to calm the nervous system.

Breath IN from your heart space all the way out to fingers, toes, crown of the head and tailbone and as you breath OUT gather all the good energy back to the heart space. On every exhale say to yourself, "I feel deeply grounded."

Stay here for as long as you like.



27 December 2016

Categories: Yoga London