The Commodification of Fear

There’s lot of money to be had from making you fearful.  Fearful of food, of ill health, of your body, your wants and desires, of being burgled, of others who are different from you.

Don’t buy into it. Everyone, no matter how they outwardly appear, feels anxious some of the time, everyone thinks everyone else is thinner, more loved and happier than we are. No matter who you are, we all suffer in some way as that is part of the human condition.

The way our brains respond to fear is short term, it uses a lot of calories and effort to fear, flight and freeze. And when fear strikes the other brain responses can’t kick in – so being able to see the bigger picture is seriously impeded. 

If 2016 made you feel anxious, scared and depressed read our 3 ways to counter the dreaded DREAD!

1. Enjoy a little more contemplation

Be more in the here and now, studies have shown that those who are focussed on the moment, are generally happier. How to be more in the moment? Take some time out to sit with your feelings and thoughts just as they are. The more you sit with yourself, you’ll find that you’ll need distractions less and less.

The easiest way to access stillness is to practise restorative yoga, releasing your body into props will allow you to feel supported by the universe. No need to think or to try not to think, restoration just happens. Join us on Thursday, Friday and Sunday. Book in.

We hold Yoga Nidra sessions every month, the next one is on the 8th January and then the first Sunday of the month thereafter, book here.

Flo will be teaching you how to Cultivate a Meditation Practice on Saturday 28th January. You will learn tools and techniques to manage a pressured and fast-pace of life. Cultivating a meditation practice will enable access to an enriched, meaningful life with steadiness, peace and calm. Book here.

 2. Move your body and eat well

You’ll only ever get the one body so if you don’t move every day and eat nourishing food, your body will start to show the dis-ease. Move more every day, eat fresh, eat seasonal and watch your portions. It really is that simple.

Where to start? Get into class with other people, not only do you enjoy the bonding of a shared experience but booking a class forces you to make the time for exercise no matter what life throws your way.

If you can’t get to class, get out in the fresh air and walk, its free! Join Borrow my doggy to learn how to be always in the moment, from dogs who are zen masters in doggy suits . Plus everyone talks to you when have a dog which means your community will grow AND it gets you out in the fresh air.  

3. Spend time with people who nourish you.

Be the light in everyone’s lives, being with your people is loving kindness in action. Make time for those you love. Got no people of your own? Volunteer!  Be it your time or raising money, getting involved in doing good not only does good for others, but makes you feel like your actions have an effect.

Our favourite charities are:

Good Gym is a do-good run club for those who need help in your community  - genuis!

Befriend the elderly in your communities with the Royal Voluntary Service

The Trussell Trust who organise collecting food for food banks.

Wavelength is a lovely charity that aims to get radios and televisions to the isolated and lonely people living in poverty in the UK

Care International UK who spend 83p for every £1 raised helping women and children to find routes out of poverty.

Lendwithcare lend money to people who need help to build their businesses in developing countries


27 December 2016

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