Find your glow on the Power Plate

There's more to our Power Plate classes than just weight loss. The benefits extend far beyond dropping pounds or adding muscle tone and scientists are only just beginning to understand the many subtle ways that exercise such as those performed on the plate affects our physical body as well as our mind.

If you're a regular in our high energy 25 minute classes, we're  probably preaching to the converted, but if you haven't tried them yet, read on for a few surprising benefits when you step up to the plate. 

Sweat for your skin

Working up a good sweat is almost the equivalent of getting a mini facial, as when your pores dilate, sweat expels trapped dirt and oil. Just be sure to wash your face well after your class and your smooth clear skin will thank you! Exercise also helps to keep the lymph system working and happy, detoxing the body and ridding it of any pollutants, meaning you'll look and feel less puffy.

Go for the glow

Working up a sweat isn’t the only way exercise benefits the skin. It also reduces inflammation, helps regulate hormones and opens up tiny arteries in your skin, allowing more blood to reach the skin’s surface and deliver nutrients that repair damage from the sun and city environment. These nutrients also boost your skin’s collagen production, keeping your skin juicy and youthful. 

Hold off the Winter flu

The immune boosting benefits of exercise are not to be sneezed at. Getting your body moving helps it produce more white blood cells, which help fight bacteria and viruses, heal blemishes or small injuries faster and keep you looking and feeling healthy through the cold season.  Increased circulation is the key to white blood cell production so get your blood pumping and your heart rate up with a HIIT class.

But it's not all about the exercise...

Exercise alone will make you feel good, but pair it with healthy food choices and you'll feel even better! Eating foods rich in Vitamin A will help your skin, hair and nails stay strong and supply, so up your intake of sweet potatoes and leafy greens. Add Omega 3's from sources like almonds and fresh fish to feed your skin with healthy fats and keep it moist, essential for dry Winter winds. Lastly, boost your fibre intake with fresh fruit and veg as the antioxidants will lower your skins stress levels, keeping it young. 

6 December 2016

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