Detox Retox

It's so easy for our usual healthy eating rules to go out the window over the festive season. You might find it easy to be a green juice and regular exercise kind of girl for most of the year, but mulled wine soaked Christmas parties and food filled family gatherings can knock even the healthiest eaters off the wagon. After all, when else would a couple of mince pies be considered an acceptable breakfast option?

There's nothing wrong with indulging over the Christmas period, life is all about balance after all, so we have a few helpful tips to help you keep to your best in between those boozy bashes. 

Keep up the exercise

Often the first thing to go, with the combination of cold weather and late nights, is the exercise routine we've worked so hard to maintain through the year. It may be the last thing you feel like doing, but getting into a class the day after a party will help you sweat out and release any toxins from the night before, and will also help replenish your energy. Plus, if you keep your fitness going through December, it will be that much easier to get the new year off to a positive start.

One for one

Balancing each glass of alcohol you drink, with a glass of water will replenish  any fluid lost caused by the diuretic effects of the alcohol. Adding in an extra glass or two right before you go to bed will ensure you wake up feeling that much better the next morning.

Cure fatigue with charcoal

Activated charcoal is the latest hangover-busting ingredient to be added to juices or taken as a shot the morning after a large night out, you can even pop a stick into your water bottle. Charcoal has been used for its detoxifying properties and in medicine since Victorian times as it is able to absorb toxins and pollutants, leading to many benefits besides curing hangovers, including glowing skin, less bloating and better digestion.

Take time for calm

Don't forget to take some time out of the chaos for yourself. With all the talk of holiday joy and happy times, we often forget that the Christmas months are some of the most stressful weeks for many. Take a few moments every day to do something nice for yourself, from a bubble bath to a massage, a few minutes of meditation or a gentle yoga class, it doesn't have to be much, but a little time to reconnect with yourself and your body every day will do wonders for your mood and stress levels. 

29 November 2016