Pretox for the Party Season

The Christmas party season is fast approaching, bringing with it lots of bubbles and far too many late nights. We have discovered through careful experimentation that a morning Glow Yoga or Cycle class is a great hangover cure for the morning after the night before.

While not wanting to put a dampener on proceedings did you know that 51% of the annual average weight gain comes from the four weeks leading up to Christmas and stays put until the new year?

A regular exercise regime will give you long term good habits. So although it’s hard with the darker nights and slightly chillier weather, don't skip your classes in the lead up to the festive season, instead, why not challenge yourself to a class a day from now to Christmas Eve? Not only will it keep you in good shape, it’ll be that much easier to get back to training in the new year as you’re already in the habit. 

Of course, what survival guide would be complete without a thought or two on how to prepare yourself for a big night out? Eat something before you drink and alternate a glass of water with an alcoholic drink. Another good idea is to decide on a limit - my limit is 2 drinks, anything over that and it goes bad!

Drink plenty of fluids the next day to ensure that your body is hydrated, why not add a cup or two of green tea? It not only soothes the day after slump but has fat-burning properties. 

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1 November 2016

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