Set an Intention

What if, instead of jumping out of bed, grabbing a coffee and pastry enroute to work, you take some time to live with purpose and intention. Setting an intention isn't complicated, in fact, it's really simple, but the effects can be life changing. 

Here are a few helpful tips to get you on your way

Set the space

The best way to get your mind to the clear head space it needs to find and set your true intentions, is to find a place of calm. Setting an intention is always best done first thing in the morning, so try to set aside even 5 minutes to find a place you won't be disturbed, sit in a comfortable position and bring your focus to your breath. Meditating for a few minutes calms the usual noisy internal dialogue and brings clarity to the mind, and in that focused, energised space straight after, you can choose your intention for the day.

Start small

Your intention doesn't have to be where you see yourself in five years or anything drastic, it can be anything. You may want to focus on being kinder to yourself through the day, or maybe showing love to some one else. It could be about how you want to feel, or something you want to accomplish, such as taking a long walk or starting a new hobby. The only rule? Keep it positive!

Write it down

This makes it feel more real. Then carry it around with you, not only in your mind, but the physical reminder too. By starting your morning with this intention, you will find yourself making more conscious choices throughout the day based around your goal or focus. This focus is a great tool for making you feel more empowered and also more able to say no to what is no longer serving you in your life

Now, let it go

The last, and possibly most important step of setting your intention is letting go. Of course, we don't mean forgetting about your intention completely, but rather, let go of your attachment or expectation of the outcome. By setting your intention, you have begun the process of moving towards what you really want, so now you can allow the universe to take care of some of the details! As hard as it can be to relinquish the need to be in charge sometimes, have trust that everything will work out as it should, carry the idea in the back of your mind and allow opportunities and openings to come your way.  

We have a great selection of classes and workshops to help you find your focus and live with intention. Check out our timetable for more info and to book.


11 October 2016