Three reasons to keep active this Autumn

Winter is coming and with it the darker mornings and colder days, meaning it's time to prepare your body. It's important to keep up your exercise regime through the winter months to keep your immune system strong, your mood buoyant and your body mobile and strong. Plus, sticking to that that fitness routine you've worked so hard to cultivate up until this point means it will be that much easier to keep it rolling without having to start all over again in the new year, result!

1. Maintain a mobile and strong body

Motivation can take a real dip in the Autumn months, but it's important to keep active as this will really help you beat those lows. It's also important to keep working your cardiovascular system, that's your heart and its pumping mechanisms. Why? Because your heart is a muscle and like all muscles you need to keep it strong. Step up cycle classes with us for an efficient way to train your heart, but remember to bring a change of clothing so that you don't leave us in sweaty clothes.

2. Keep your energy up

As the season changes, the temptation to stay in gets greater and you may find your energy levels dropping. Rather than reaching for the biscuit tin in the afternoon for that short term energy boost, and the calories that come along with it, step up to the Power Plate at lunchtime. Fast and fierce, 25 minutes with our expert teachers will get your blood pumping, giving you energy and focus to get you through the rest of your day. Not only that, but you'll also strengthen your muscles, beat cellulite, blast fat and keep your joints juicy. 

3. Keep your mood buoyant

The darker months can really put a dampener on your mood, fewer daylight hours means less exposure to sunlight, which some studies suggest can have a direct effect on your hypothalamus working properly, which may increase the production of melatonin making you feel sleepy and decrease production of serotonin, negatively affecting your mood, appetite and sleep.

Lower light levels can also disrupt your body clock and lead to troubled or restless sleep. Find sanctuary in our SAD lamp lit and FAR infra red heated studios for a Pilates or ballet tone class that will warm your bones keep your mood high.

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Restorative Yoga for Better Sleep £25

Improving the quality of your sleep can have untold benefits for your overall health. Join Ruth for this 2 hour workshops and empower yourself with a better understanding of how the nervous system functions and ways to create the right environment both internally and externally, crucial to activating the relaxation response through practical means that help to will minimise insomnia & sleep related issues.

Friday 14th October 7.30pm-9.30pm, Covent Garden. Book in. 

Special Event: Muscular Endurance Ride £16

When we place our attention on our Intention, magical things happen! Nadine's 90 minute ride will inspire you to do just that. It’s a magical journey of self discovery, as you realise you are the creator of your own reality and during this journey you will learn the power of intention.

The deeper purpose of this ride is to instill the knowledge that you are not just a passive player in reaching the top of this or any other mountain; nor should you just “hope” you can make it. Reaching the top becomes a metaphor for taking personal responsibility in making all things in your life - good things like your goals and dreams - happen. You know what we call this? We call it Intention!

Friday 21st October 6.00pm-7.30pm, Fitzrovia. £16 or £10 for membersBook in

Special Event: Jungle Fit £16

Jungle Fit is a high energy, high intensity class to a soundtrack of old skool jungle & drum ‘n’ bass. Choreographed by professional dancer Claudia Evans and featuring live DJ Lauren, the class plays a unique format of 3 dance tracks to one conditioning track to makes sure we target all muscle groups. Jungle Fit is a brand new fitness boosting class that's high intensity and high energy! Bring trainers, bring friends and expect to sweat and smile!

Friday 4th November 7.30pm-8.15pm, Covent Garden. £16 or £10 for members.Book in.

Calm Before Christmas: Restorative Yoga and Yoga Nidra £25

Join me and get calm for Christmas! This 2 hour Restorative Yoga workshop is the perfect chance to take a moment for yourself before the festivities begin. We will explore deeply restorative poses as well as breathing practices and end with a yoga nidra (guided meditation) on being content with your life just as it is.

Friday 2nd December 7.30pm-9.30pm, Covent Garden. Book in. 

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27 September 2016

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