5 reasons women give to AVOID cardio

1. I don't want big cyclist thighs 

Worried that all the work you've been putting in on the mat during Yoga and Pilates classes to lean and lengthen your muscles will go to waste once you start putting in time on the bike? Relax! Our cycle classes will not turn you into the Hulk. Proper indoor Cycling at the right intensity, works on your slow twitch muscle fibres, these fibres come into play on endurance type activities such as indoor cycling. Slow twitch fibres become more resistant to fatigue with training, but they can’t change in size like fast twitch fibres can.

Combine cycling with a nutritious diet for a lean physique as you burn off the fat and build lean muscle. And because you are mixing up your classes, you will create a balanced body. 

To get the best out of your cycling classes, book into a one-to-one coaching session to make sure that you are riding to your optimum.

2. My hair will get all sweaty

We all know how much time and effort goes into looking well groomed, and hot and frizzy isn’t a good look. A regular sweaty work out will open up the capillaries ( tiny blood vessels) in the face and scalp promoting better blood flow. The flow of nutrients into the face and hair follicles flushes out toxins and allows nutrients to flood in giving you stronger hair and better skin.

So organise your wash and blowdry around your classes every week, the long term benefits far outweigh the short term re-gearing of your week.

3. I don’t have the energy

Our fast paced lives means most of us are stretched to the limit. Demanding jobs, family responsibilities and trying to maintain some sort of social life means there's not a huge amount of energy left for anything else!

Adding in a Cycle or Power Plate HIIT class in to the mix will GIVE you energy. A HIIT cardio class will leave you feeling AMAZING afterwards and will increase your energy and reduce fatigue.

How? It’s all about the mitochondria, these energy producing organs found in every cell of your body, they are the body's batteries if you will. The more you move, the more mitochondria your body makes to meet your energy needs and the more mitochondria you have the greater boost to your metabolism and the greater your ability to produce more energy!

4. Pounding the pavement to get results takes too much time

Feel like you have to run for hours to get results? Think again! Our Power Plate classes are a speedy 25 minutes a pop, and only 3 a week will give you the results you're looking for in super quick time!

5. We all have to give up shorts and short sleeves at some stage

Who says? Regular cycling will give you toned thighs and a pert derriere! We want to be the ones who decide when it becomes inappropriate to wear shorts and vests. We don’t want to give it up because we no longer feel confident. You have to put some work into staying in good shape but we promise you, add cycle to your routine and just 2 classes a week will make you feel like the powerful goddess you are! Before you know it you’ll getting in on the #belfie trend as well as reaping the positive mental benefits of feeling like you are back in charge!

I am turning 50 next year and without doubt regularly riding in the Good Vibes cycle classes have improved my fitness levels beyond my expectations and I still find it challenging! But being able to step my cardiovascular fitness up a notch has in turn made me feel that I can do anything in the rest of my life. I have been pulling clients into classes with me and they are also having a cardio epiphany!

So get in the saddle, step on the Power Plate, sweat a few times a week, do it consistently, it will help you feel good about yourself no matter what else is going on in your life.


Get on it!

Want to get the most out of your minutes while reaching your fitness goals fast? Mix and match your regular Glow Yoga or Pilates classes with the best cardio classes to keep your body and mind in tip top form.

Cycle HIIT Bootcamp is for those who have already started cycle classes. Alternating short periods of intense anaerobic effort with less-intense recovery periods, you'll burn fat, boost your metabolism and improve your exercise endurance and overall health, choose between 35 or 45min class! Join Nadine on Mondays 5.45pm and Wednesdays 6.30pm, FitzroviaBook in.

If you don't feel quite ready for a bootcamp cycle, why not join one of our regular low impact, high intensity classes. Not an easy ride by any stretch, you'll still be pushed to your own individual limit, motivated along by one of our experienced teachers, while setting your own resistance level. If you're a complete beginner, try the 35min class, or ramp it up with a 45min session if you're ready to up the challenge. Hop on the bike with Barbara for a lunchtime ride, 1pm, Mondays, wake up with Kate on Wednesdays, 7.30am or get your weekend going with Luis, 11.15am on Saturdays, Fitzrovia. Book in.

If you're new to Power Plate, all of our regular classes are open level and our teachers will guide you through from start to finish, correcting your technique and alignment along the way to make sure you really get the best out of your workout. As you increase in strength and fitness, they'll increase the difficulty factor to match, so get ready to sweat! Book Now

Already hooked on Power Plate but looking to work it harder? Our HIIT class is designed just for you, if you've completed 10 or more regular sessions. This class combines resistance and cardio exercises on the Power Plate. You will be glad when the class is over and ecstatic at the 300 calorie burn per class including the 48 hours afterburn. Try Thursday monrnings 8am with George, Covent Garden, or 8am on Fridays with Kazim, FitzroviaBook Now

Don't forget, your first Cycle or Power Plate class is completely FREE this Summer, so there's no excuses not to try it. Just call 020 7240 6111 or email to book. Your body will thank you!

Let us know how you enjoyed your class by sending us your feedback or writing a review.

Nahid and the Good Vibes Team x

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12 July 2016

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