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Most of us plan to eat healthier and exercise more at the start of the year, but when the mornings are still dark and cold, it's easy to lose motivation. Next thing you know you're a few weeks from those Summer holidays and the panic has set in at the thought of having to hit the beach your swims. We always recommend a year long movement plan. But what if you've left it too late? 

Step away from the kaftan! There's still time to get you loving the body you're in, combined with healthy eating (and maybe a little self-tan!), our combination of classes will work you out, tone you up and get you lean!

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4 weeks to go...

You still have some time to start making lasting changes to your body. Why not start with our high energy Cycle HIIT Bootcamp? High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)  is an enhanced form of training alternating short periods of intense anaerobic effort with less-intense recovery periods.

But its in the after effects of the workout that the real magic happens! Your body's metabolism will be fuelled and for up to 38 hours after the session your capacity to burn fat will be increased by 36%. 

Our Cycle HIIT Bootcamp classes with Nadine run every Monday 5.45pm and Wednesday 6.30pm. For an extra bit of motivation, why not try our special themed bootcamp ride next week? Recent studies have shown that swearing in moderation may help make you stronger, so we're testing the theory with a legendary ride to versions of tunes that will kick *rse! Wednesday 29th June, 6.30pm, FitzroviaBook now.

JungleFit is back! A high energy, high intensity class to a soundtrack of old skool jungle & drum ‘n’ bass and choreographed by professional dancer Claudia, the class plays a unique format of 3 dance tracks to one conditioning track to makes sure we target all muscle groups. Jungle Fit is a brand new fitness boosting class that's high intensity and high energy! Friday 29th July, 7.30pm, Covent GardenBook in.

The best way to get targeted results is a personal training session with one of our experienced and expert trainers. They will help you focus on those hard to reach areas you really want to work on, as well as providing lots of motivation and tips along the way.

While being in a class alone with a trainer may seem like a daunting prospect if you prefer to hide at the back of the room, our team or teachers will really put you at ease, while also making sure there's no chance of slacking off. You'll sweat, you'll work, you'll see results fast! Bespoke personal training sessions are available for Yoga, Pilates, Cycle and Power Plates, at off peak times and at either studio.Book now.

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2 weeks to go...

It's time to ramp up your Power Plate sessions, maybe think about adding an extra couple of classes a week? Our doors open at 7.15am, and at 25 mins, it's the perfect class to fit in before heading to work. Starting your day with a high energy workout sets the tone, meaning your much more likely to make healthy choices throughout the day. Or why not try a Power Plate personal training session? Get 3 for £100, either studio at off peak times. Book in. 

Fitting your Power Plate class in first thing in the morning, means you have time for a Glow Ballet Tone class after work! This high energy class will really get you sweating, sloughing off those extra pounds almost without you noticing as you'll be too busy focusing on your turn out technique! Dance conditioning exercises set to a high energy soundtrack mean you'll be smiling while you sweat! Join Lisa on Wednesday's 7.15pm, Fitzrovia, or Thursday's 7.15pm, Covent GardenBook in.

Round off your week with a couple of Pilates classes to stretch out your muscles and correct any muscle imbalances, making sure you get an all over body workout, and strengthening your core and spinal muscles, helping you push that little bit harder in all your other classes. Plus, who doesn't want Pilates toned limbs? Book in quick for Antonia's popular Monday evening class, 7.45pm, Covent Garden, or Tuesday's 7.30pm, FitzroviaBook in.

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1 week to go...

1 week may not be enough time to make drastic changes, but if you've already been putting in the fitness hours, give it one last big push in your final week before holidays to have you glowing and toned poolside.

Try to fit in a Power Plate class every other day for that last minute tone up. Not only will it burn fat and give a big boost to your metabolism, but your body will be feeling stronger and healthier, meaning you can face any activities on your holiday with confidence and ease. Mix it up with a Claudia's HIIT class if you've done more than 10 classes, Monday 7pm, Covent Garden or what about Ass and Abs to take the worry out of strutting your stuff on the beach! Wednesday 1.30pm with Curtley, FitzroviaBook in. 

Rocket Yoga is a dynamic and fast-paced flow of yoga and promises to get you to fitness Nirvana faster! Flowing movements burn calories and raise the metabolism; held poses build strength and flexibility, so you get leaner and fitter fast. Not for beginners, come ready to flow! Thursday 6pm with Holly, Covent Garden. Book in. 

Keep up with your Pilates classes to lengthen and strengthen your muscles, improving poise and posture. These open level classes offer loads of options, so you'll be challenged to your level, plus it's great for undoing sitting at a desk all day, so your body will feel reset before you even head off on that holiday. Join Jazzi bright and early, 7.30am, Thursday's in Fitzrovia, or Ami at the weekend, Saturday's 2.15pm and Sunday's 12.45pmBook in.

Lastly, hop on your bike for a sweaty Cycle session to round of your week, making sure you head to the airport feeling strong, looking good and with a glow that can already rival any holiday tan! Working out right up to your holiday means your metabolism will be in tip top shape, plus you'll feel a little less guilty tucking into those well deserved poolside cocktails. Try Sam's high energy Friday morning class to get you flying through your day, 7.30am, or start your week of right with Barbara's lunchtime cycle on Monday's 1pm, Fitzrovia. Book in. 

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See you in class!

Nahid and the Good Vibes Team x

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21 June 2016

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