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If you're pushing your fitness but still not seeing the results you want, it may be time to pay a little more attention to how you eat. Research has long confirmed what we all know - combining a good, healthy diet with regular exercise is far more effective for losing weight than dieting or exercising alone. We pride ourselves on staying up to date with the latest fitness and anatomy knowledge, and as well as that, we pay close attention to the newest health and nutrition information, as we know that finding the optimal combination of the two is the best way to a healthy mind, a strong body and glowing skin.

We know that fad diets are unsustainable, and just don't work in the long run. Applying sustainable and healthy changes to your everyday eating is the way to lasting results. With that in mind, here are two healthy eating regimes that we have tried and they go hand in hand with our high energy fitness classes.

Do bear in mind that what works for us might not work for you. Just like finding your optimal fitness formula, adjust accordingly and check in with your Doctor if you have any health concerns

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The SIRT Diet

What it is: The eating plan focuses on upping your intake of healthy sirtfoods, which include the following: apples, citrus fruits, parsley, capers, blueberries, green tea, soy, strawberries, tumeric, olive oil, red onion, rocket and that old health-lover’s favourite kale. Interestingly, another top sirtfood is coffee, great if you can metabolise it. Countries where people already consume a vast number of sirtfoods include Japan and Italy, which are both regularly ranked among the healthiest countries in the world.

The science: A ‘sirtfood’ is actually a food high in sirtuin activators. Sirtuins are a type of protein which protect the cells in our bodies from dying or becoming inflamed through illness, though research has also shown they can help regulate your metabolism, increase muscle and burn fat – hence the new ‘wonderfood’ tag. 

Why we love it? For the first week you restrict your intake to 1000 calories a day, which includes consuming three sirtfood green juices and one sirtfood-rich meal a day. The following week you up your intake to 1500 calories a day and consume two sirtfood-rich meals and two green juices. But in the long-term there is no set plan, it's all about adjusting your lifestyle to include as many sirtfoods as possible, which should make you feel healthier and more energetic. Unlike other diet plans, which are specifically geared towards dramatic and unhealthy weight loss, the Sirtfood Diet is perfect if you simply want to boost your immune system, pack in some vitamins and feel a little healthier. 

The cons: The diet is quite restrictive calorie wise, so can take a bit of adjustment and you may find yourself with little energy and a light head in the first few days. Also, replacing full healthy meals is not easily sustainable, so the results may not be lasting if you fall off the wagon.

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Metabolic Diet

What it is: Essentially a new, more personalised spin on the Atkins diet, which emphasised reduced carbohydrate intake for weight loss. The biggest difference is that with the metabolic diet, not all carbs are equal. Many versions of the metabolic diet include complex carbohydrates — such as whole grains, oats, and brown rice — but exclude refined carbs, such as processed breads, flours, and sugars.

 The science: The Metabolic Diet helps to flip the body’s metabolic switch, teaching it to burn body fat for energy, rather than carbohydrates. With very low carb diets, the body will shift to burning fat for energy. Frequent, small low carb and substantial portions of protein meals may help people manage hunger better throughout the day too! 

Why we love it? Because it really works! The best way to do it is to get your blood tested and analysed by a Metabolic Diet nutritionist, so that a personalised plan can be drawn up for you. It can be particularly helpful for those who have struggled to lose weight through other diets as the aim is to make lasting changes to your eating habits, it's a lifestyle change rather than a diet.

The cons: It can be quite restrictive, as you eat three smaller meals throughout the day, to help kickstart your metabolism. You weigh your food so that you get used to what your ideal portions should look like.

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The perfect Summer combo

We have the perfect Summer combo of classes to get you flying through the Summer.

Try just one 45min Cycle HIIT Bootcamp class a week for a month and you'll start to see impressive changes in your body. This class uses HIIT training to encourage fat burning and boost endurance, helping to fuel your body and mind. Mondays 5.45pm and Wednesdays 6.30pm, with Nadine in FitzroviaBook In.

Combine your Cycle with Pilates, to work your muscles from the inside out. Focusing on strength, muscular endurance and fitness conditioning, these classes will help to develop a strengthened and lengthened physique, you will see results fast! Join Ami on Thursdays 5pm, Fitzrovia or Jazzi on Fridays 5pm, Covent GardenBook in

And to finish it off, add in some Power Plates to break down fat cells, improve circulation, flexibility and metabolism and reduce the time you need to spend exercising - a full body workout is a speedy 25 minutes, all helping to boost that metabolism and build lean muscle. Hop on the plate with Emily on Mondays from 7.30am in Covent Garden or Claudia on Friday afternoons from 5pm, Fitzrovia.Book in. 

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Nahid and the Good Vibes Team x

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14 June 2016

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