Parental Advisory - Warning! Explicit Lyrics

29th June 18:30 HIIT Bootcamp Cycle Themed Ride

Swearing is a harmless emotional release which could make you feel stronger, researchers have claimed - though only in moderation.

The psychologists at Keele University have spent several years trying to understand why we swear and what it does to our brains. During trials the group allowed to swear held an ice-cold glass for longer, they discovered.  

Well we like anything that can motivate and increase our tolerance threshold and in turn improve our performance!  So we thought it would be fun to use the power of explicit lyrics to help us hit the all important high intensity. Plus being a little bit naughty can also feel rather nice!

HIIT rapidly improves exercise capacity Just one session per week can boost your endurance and your overall health improving blood pressure and increasing mitochondria which strengthen the heart and helps fuel your body and brain.  This improved endurance will further enhance your moderate intensity workouts.

High intensity training is necessary to produce well-rounded fitness for both the enthusiast and athlete.   

Real Training. Real Cycling. Real Results

For one night only, come and put it to the test at Nadine’s legendary HIIT Bootcamp to versions of tunes that will kick *rse. See you there!

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7 June 2016

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