Improve your mobility - £25

Saturday 25th June 2016, 2.30pm - 4.30pm

In this workshop we will look at mobilising joints and investigate new movement pattern as well as powerful stabilisation exercises in the body!

We will ask the question why do we practice the daily movement patterns that we do and what are be missing out on? Are we expanding to movement that awakens all areas of the body or do we hold habitual patterns that stop ease of movement. Can you move your spine fluidly in all directions using all moveable sections? Are your muscle fibres firing in your glutes and hamstrings?

Come and wake up your body and learn how these simple exercises can be integrated into your life.  You will take away a 15 min energising sequence to target the hard-to-reach parts of your body, it’s a quick and powerful practice that is perfect for holiday mornings where you want to start the day with movement that won’t take up too much beach time.

Holly Warren’s teaching brings focus and awareness to the movement of the breath, developing healthy body mechanics, alignment, postural strength, and vitality. She uses her extensive knowledge and keen eye to adapt each pose according to individual needs and thereby better facilitate personal growth and inner confidence. Having grown up within the yogic tradition, Holly has been practising Yoga for more than 20 years.

Held at the Fitzrovia studio

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31 May 2016

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