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Glow Ballet Tone is our signature Ballet and Pilates conditioning class. Nervous about trying it because you don't know your plié from your pirouette? Don't be! No experience (or pointe shoes) required and all levels are welcome, as our experienced teachers will guide you through each movement, really making sure that you get it and have fun at the same time 

What exactly is it? A high energy conditioning class set to a great soundtrack that uses weight bearing exercise, dancers conditioning technique, and strength training, as well as elements of Pilates for the ultimate full body workout.

Each exercise is highly targeted and controlled, using isometric movements and equipment such as weighted balls to sculpt your whole body by targeting individual muscles. Although movements are controlled, be prepared to work up a sweat and embrace the shake as you push your muscles to the max, all while keeping your joints safe through low impact high intensity exercises. Our Glow Ballet Tone classes will leave you feeling satisfyingly exhausted!

What are the benefits? Besides the pure joy of getting to embrace your inner dancer to a fun and funky playlist, this high energy, low impact interval cardio training will elevate the metabolic rate to produce a long, lean and toned physique. You'll start to see results after just a few classes, especially in those common problem areas like the hips, thighs and abs. It's also great for improving posture, balance and flexibility, and is used by athletes, including footballer Rio Ferdinand, who famously trained as a ballet dancer to improve their sports performance! 

The benefits aren't only physical though, as no two classes are generally the same, with a strong steady awareness of the breath, they'll always keep you focused and your mind and body connected as you focus on the placement of your hands and feet and the coordination of your body to the rhythm of the music. The outside world will completely melt away! 

Who is it for? We know that everyone has different starting points and different levels of experience, so we offer modifications and adjustments to ensure everybody feels welcomed and challenged to their own particular level in class. That way you can measure your progress against yourself and your own set of goals, not anyone else in class!

Everyone from Hollywood stars to the Scottish Rugby Sevens team are giving ballet a go and the results speak for themselves, so if you want strengthened muscles, improved poise and mental focus with the added benefit of a perkier bottom and trimmer thighs for that Summer holiday, this is the class for you!

Let us know how you enjoyed the class by sending us your feedback or writing a review!

And don't forget, Good Vibes members can bring a friend along for 50% off their first class. Just email their details and we'll do the rest. Not yet a member? Join us today!

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Meet the teachers

Antonia’s main goals are to strengthen the muscles and correct posture giving adherence to core stability and body awareness. With a background in ballet, having started classes at the age of 4, her classes have an emphasis on spinal and pelvic alignment, breathing to relieve stress and allowing adequate oxygen flow to muscles, developing a strong centre, and improving coordination and balance.Tuesday 5pm and Saturday 11.45am, Covent Garden, and Monday 7.30am, Fitzrovia. Book in.

Dancer and choreographer Lisa has a background in Contemporary, modern and street dance as well as a degree in Theatre Dance. Her classes will work you hard while targeting all your large muscles, burning fat and sculpting your back, arms and abs. A full body workout with intuitive alignment cues and inclusive modifications, catch Lisa on Thursday 7.15pm, Covent Garden and Wednesday 7.15pm, FitzroviaBook in.

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Try your first Cycle class FREE

And to complement your ballet tone classes, why not try a  FREE cycle class to all clients who haven't tried a cycle class with us before, hop on the bike and get your heart pumping with some low impact, high intensity cardio action set to a motivating and energetic soundtrack. 

Classes are either 35 or 45 minutes of low impact, high intensity cardio action set to a soundtrack to keep you moving from start to finish. Each class is led by one of our fully trained and experienced instructors who will help you get the most out of your minutes and provide plenty of motivation along the way.

Classes are suitable for all abilities as everyone is in control of their own ride. The instructor will always be on hand to give you guidance however nobody but you will control your resistance dial or your pace. You determine how hard you work based on your own abilities, not anyone else's.

We also have a Beginners and Improvers class on the first Wednesday of every month, with the next one happening on the 1st June 5.45pm.  to book in to try you first FREE class, all you have to do is send us an email with your details and the class you would like to book and we'll do the rest.  

When you come along to a class, let us know by using #GoodVibesLondon #feelgoodfitness on TwitterFacebook and Instagram 

Have a super week!

Nahid and the Good Vibes Team x

*1 per person, new clients only.

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24 May 2016

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