6 reasons why YOU need Pilates

Have you felt the power of Pilates yet? A true mind-body workout, our mat Pilates classes value the quality of movement over quantity of repetitions, making sure the breath is kept strong and steady and each movement is controlled and properly aligned. The results? You tune into your body and perform each exercise with maximum power, which of course = maximum results! 

Our great team of Pilates teachers are carefully selected because of their experience and passion for movement, meaning no matter which class on our timetable you choose to come along to, you'll be in expert hands.

They will help you develop proper technique at a pace and level that suits you, helping to retrain your body to move in safer, more efficient ways and conditioning your muscles in a balanced and even way, meaning no part is over or under trained.

Don't be fooled into thinking this is any old fitness class, all over conditioning is just one of the benefits of this power house workout. Here are 6 reasons to start a Pilates habit.

Easy on the joints - The slow and controlled movements in a Pilates class are low impact and only partially weight bearing, and most are performed in a reclined or seated position, meaning there is little to no impact on your joints. In fact it helps improve joint mobility, exactly why it's great for injury prevention and rehabilitation.

Amazing for abs - Pilates is all about the core, working deep into your abdominal muscles and muscles closest to your spine. By integrating and evenly conditioning the trunk, pelvis and shoulder girdle, you'll see and feel the strength in your core in no time. Hello six pack!

Back pain be gone - A stronger core also equals a stronger and healthier back. By stabilising and strengthening the core, Pilates relieves the stress and increases the mobility in your lower back, meaning less pain and more freedom of movement. In fact, many doctors recommend Pilates for certain back pains and injuries.

Hones your focus - During a class, you're forced to focus on a number of things at once, your breath, your body and how they move together in the optimal way to create proper alignment and to make sure your muscles are working correctly. With all that to think about, there's no time to think about bills, meetings or deadlines, it's just you and your body for a full hour. Bliss.

Improves sports performance - By strengthening your core, you strengthen the rest of your body, meaning all of your other workouts improve too. You'll run faster, your yoga practice will become stronger, and you'll be able to push it that little bit harder in cycle class.

Makes you more flexible - Have you ever uttered the words 'I'm not built for Pilates, I'm not very flexible'? That's exactly why you should be doing it! When your body feels tight, your muscles are shortened, increasing the risk of injury and limiting your body's range of movement. By lengthening your muscles, you don't only become more flexible, you also create a long lean silhouette.

Check out our classes below and welcome your body to the mat, you won't regret it!

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Glow Pilates classes will lengthen AND strengthen your body, led by passionate teachers who really care that you get it. Step into a class any day of the week, all classes are open level, so any and all levels of experience are welcome. 

Dancer Antonia's main goals are to strengthen the muscles and correct posture giving adherence to core stability and body awareness. Her classes have an emphasis on spinal and pelvic alignment, breathing to relieve stress and allow adequate oxygen flow to muscles, developing a strong centre, and improving coordination and balance. Join her on Monday 7.45pm at Covent Garden and 6pm at Fitzrovia, Wednesday 7.30am and 6pm at Covent Garden and Saturday 10.15am at Fitzrovia. Book in

Amanda loves to see clients getting benefits from the exercises and helping them achieve their goals. Her classes have a relaxing atmosphere with dance and yoga inspirations for a total mind and body workout. Catch her on Thursday 12.45pm at Covent GardenBook in.

Jazzi has been practising Pilates since the age of 12. Trained as a dancer and aerialist, she aims to bring a current and enthusiastic approach to her classes, achieving new goals for all ages and abilities. Pilates is an incredible technique that has wonderful benefits for everyone. Step on the mat on Thursday 7.30am and Friday 12.45pm at Fitzrovia and Friday 5pm at Covent GardenBook in.

Introduced to Pilates whilst at Ballet school, Ami continued to use this knowledge throughout her career as a professional dancer and aerialist, believing it to be the foundation of a strong, healthy, happy body. Whether you are still mastering a strong foundation or you're ready to up the challenge she will guide you through a series that works for you Tuesday 7.30pm, NEW Thursday 5pm class at Fitzrovia, Saturday 2.15pm and Sunday 12.45pm at Covent GardenBook in. 

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17 May 2016

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