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As the end of the week rolls around, keep your fitness goals firmly in sight by fitting a workout into your weekend. No matter your plans, we have the perfect class to fit your schedule. From Power Plates and glow ballet tone to delicious restorative yoga by candlelight, browse and book this weekends classes below.

Getting sweaty is always more fun with someone else, so why not bring a man for free to try his first class? All you have to do is send us his details and we'll do the rest. 

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Glow Yoga

Get your Saturday off to a glorious start by joining Ricky for a mindful Vinyasa Flow class, focusing on functional alignment, restoration and connecting breath work to your physical practice. 10.30am Saturday, Covent Garden. Book in.

Cheryl's classes are filled with love and laughter, offering a safe and nurturing space to explore movement and deepen your practice. Join her for a challenging Vinyasa Flow class on Saturdays, 1pm, Covent Garden or 11.30am, Fitzrovia, or let her relax and restore your body and mind in Bliss Restorative by candlelight, Sunday 3.15pm, Covent GardenBook in.

Good Vibes Founder and Director Nahid will ease you into your Sunday with a delicious 90min Yang and Yin class. Strong and fluid movement will build strength and stamina first, before a restorative Yin Yoga sequence of longer held poses to allow your body to open and release without tension. 11am, Covent GardenBook in.

Celebrate your body with Hailey in a fun and friendly Vinyasa Flow that will focus on breath and alignment to suit individual bodies, giving you room to explore, to challenge yourself and to create space in your body and mind. Saturday's 3.30pm and Sunday's 2pm, Covent GardenBook in.

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Antonia's main goals are to strengthen muscles and correct posture giving adherence to core stability and body awareness. Don't let her sweet demeanour fool you though, you'll be feeling the burn in any of her high intensity classes! Join Antonia on Saturday's for Pilates10.15am, Fitzrovia and Glow Ballet Tone at 11.45am, Covent Garden. Book In.

Ami has over ten years teaching experience in the dance and fitness industry and believes that Pilates is the foundation for a strong, happy and healthy body. She will help you find a series that works for you while working your deep muscles from the inside out. Join her Saturday's 2.30pm and Sunday's 12.45pm, Covent Garden. Book in.

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Power Plates

Kazim is passionate about strength training and Calisthenics, and he brings this knowledge and experience to the Power Plate. Expect a high intensity workout that will break down fat cells while getting you strong and lean! Kazim mans the Plates on Saturdays in Covent Garden, try the Ass and Abs class at 1pm to get your booty lifted and your belly tones. Saturday's 10am - 1.30pm, Covent Garden. Book in.

Professional dancer Claudia's infectious energy will help motivate you through her high intensity Power Plate classes. Expect tough moves that will work you hard and leave you sweaty, but totally addicted! Don't let your fitness routine slide on a Sunday, let Claudia lead you through a speedy 25 minute Conditioning class guaranteed to get you pumped for the week ahead. 12pm - 2.30pm, Covent GardenBook in.

Ian's Saturday PowerBox is a fat burning and weight loss class designed to tone up, shape up and give you an awesome aerobic workout. Great for stress relief. PowerBox classes will use resistance bands and pad work in a HIIT style training session to get your heart pumping and those pounds shifting,ensuring you have a varied, challenging and fun workout programme.Saturday's 11am - 1.30pm, FitzroviaBook in.

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Luis brings some Spanish magic to our Saturday's, delivering a Cycle class that will push you to your limit, helping you not only reach but exceed your fitness aims. As passionate about music as he is about cycling, Luis' high energy soundtrack is perfectly choreographed to your workout, helping you lose yourself in the beat to keep going even when you think you have nothing left! 11.15am, Fitzrovia. Book in.   

We look forward to seeing you in class! Keep sending us your feedback, or why not leave us a review?

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Nahid and the Good Vibes Team x

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28 April 2016

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