Relax, Restore and Renew

Breath for Life with Ben Wolff - £75

Sunday 8th May 2016, 10am - 5pm (including a 1 hour lunch break), at the Fitzrovia studio

THE BREATH is the FIRST place we Should Look to Affect Change.

One Day "Breath for Life" Workshop with experienced Guest Teacher Ben Wolff.

For teachers, trainee teachers, experienced students/anyone interested in breath work.

95% of our ENERGY comes in from the breath. 70% of what the body eliminates goes out through the breath. Science shows nearly everyone is currently over-breathing, making this a Number 1 culprit behind stress, insomnia, disturbed sleep, anxiety, depression and negative thinking, chronic pain, asthma, migraine headaches, panic attacks and even back problems & weight gain.

Ben will share with you the most important discoveries in breath research. Neuroscience shows that there is a breath rate for you that’s your own personal sweet spot; where head, heart, lungs and the major organs of the body all resonate and a coherent, syncronised rhythm waves and pulses throughout your system. This brings with it a harmony, wellness and great feelings of relaxation, zest, energy and control.

Brought on by his recovery from serious illness and 3 years of continuous research and investigation Ben Wolff will share his findings from both ancient wisdom traditions and modern science in ways that are open and accessible to everyone.

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Relax, Restore, Renew

Our Restorative yoga classes and one-to-ones will slow your pace and deepen your breath, helping you disconnect from the stresses of daily life and plug back into yourself. 

Glow Yoga Bliss classes have been specially created to nourish you back into balance. Candlelight creates a beautifully tranquil atmosphere and the gentle infrared heat encourages the body to open safely and soothes stiffness and muscle soreness. 

Poses are supported with props, to encourage the body to release and open without tension. You will leave feeling nourished, softened and restored. Join Florentina on Thursdays 7.15pm, FitzroviaRuth on Friday, 6pm and Cheryl on Sunday, 3.15pm, both Covent GardenBook in.

Our morning Meditation class with Adelene Cheong supports the individual in developing mental clarity and ease in living. There will be verbal guidance by the teacher, taking you through a combination of breath, visualisation, sound and tactile sensation with the aim of settling into stillness and achieving mental focus. Friday 8.45am, Covent GardenBook in

Did you know that Good Vibes Founder Nahid offers bespoke one-to-one restorative yoga sessions? She designs a class just for you, with your individual goals in mind, using props to gently open and release, allowing you to  breathe into tight or blocked areas of the body and mind.  The session ends with a guided meditation.

These sessions are helpful for those with anxiety, stress and sleep issues as well as those who are looking for additional support through illness or big life changes.£195 for 90 minutes, held at off peak timesBook in.

Ling offers one-to-one Traditional Thai Yoga Massage at our Covent Garden studio on Fridays, a treatment of acupressure massage and  assisted yoga stretches. This ancient healing system works on the energy lines of the subtle energetic body that helps clear blockages or stagnation to restore balance and overall wellbeing.  Muscles are stretched, stress and tensions are released and joints are mobilised. £180 for 90minutesBook in

And for an extra treat, check out Nahid's recommended restorative yoga poses to bring you peace in body and mind.

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Total Yoga Nidra is coming home

Starting Sunday May 15th between 4.30 and 5.30pm and every week thereafter we are delighted to share the exciting news that Total Yoga Nidra is coming home to our Covent Garden studio.

A new gathering for our community and a focal point for Nidra as its meant to be, Ben Wolff in association with Uma Dinsmore-Tuli, Nirlipta Tuli and the Yoga Nidra Network host some of the great Total Yoga Nidra teachers from Britain, Ireland, Europe and beyond in an hour of blissful self-care and self-love that allows you to come home to your true nature, effortlessly and beautifully amongst friends. Lie down and get comfortable with us. 

Choose how you renew with Yoga's hidden gem every Sunday. This ancient wisdom based on modern science is everybody's treasure and you can experience live and direct transmission to increase health, energy and zest, self-knowledge and new feelings of control, ease and peace in the company of like minded enthusiasts. Make it "you" time, the most important hour of the week, an investment in yourself. Come because you deserve it. Come because you're worth it. Come because it's time to come home.  

The first of these Total Yoga Nidra sessions on 15 May will be lead by Ben Wolff and Sivani Mata Francis

If you are interested in delivering a Total Yoga Nidra speak to Ben in person. Admission is £16.

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Nahid and the Good Vibes Team x

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26 April 2016

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