Could Yoga make you a better runner?

The short answer to this question is yes. A resounding, most definite, yes. Yoga improves body awareness, breathing and focus all while reducing the likelihood of injury. For these reasons and many more it’s been a staple ingredient in training regimes for those in the know for a while. Sometimes however, it’s difficult to know where to begin so these tips are designed to take the hassle out of how and where to get started.

1. Find the right class: Sometimes the errors begin right from the starting gun. You decide you want to add something new; you try one class, hate it and then paint all classes with the exact same brush. But you wouldn’t just try on one pair of running shoes, so don’t try only one yoga class. Be prepared to try a few different class styles and teachers until you find the one that makes you feel good and suits you best. 

2. Change your mindset: As a runner you may well be driven by a need to go fast and hard until you're breathless. There's no need to take this drive with you into the yoga studio. Your yoga practice should be flowing and challenging, but it should allow you to take full and nourishing breaths. Learn to appreciate a different type of challenge and don’t beat yourself up if you find you can’t do everything at once. Remember how good it felt the first time you ran 5k? That’s how good it will feel the first time you master a challenging pose, and just like when you set your sights on 10k, yoga will present you with its own set of goals.

3. Do many sports people do yoga? The smart ones do! There are a whole heap of proven benefits to combining sports training and yoga and it’s becoming  more popular by the week. You need your body in good working order to do any sport or exercise. So if you love running, love your body and it will let you run for longer!

 4. How exactly can yoga make me faster? The physical and mental exercises in yoga have been proven to help improve proprioception (a sense of our body in space). This plays a role in the development and progression of training helping you to move more efficiently and ultimately faster. The physical aspect of yoga also works to improve the quality of your muscles resulting in reduced injuries and increased strength.

5. Be savvy, no pain no gain is not a motto to live by! The age old saying ‘no pain, no gain’ has been the cause of many an injury for so many years. If you’re in a yoga class (or indeed out running) and you feel pain then ease off whatever it is you’re doing. Pain is your body’s way of telling you that it’s unhappy. So listen to it, don’t train through it. If something is uncomfortable for you then you’re either doing it wrong or it’s just not for you. Make yourself a promise now – don’t ever grimace through discomfort ever again, it really isn’t worth it.

6. How quickly will I see the benefits? Just as we all progress at different speeds in our running, we all progress at different stages in our yoga. You may feel better after your first class, but a general rule is that if you commit to it and go at least once a week then you’ll start to see the benefits creeping in after a few weeks. They may not even be that obvious at first, but at some point you’ll be out running and might realise you’re enjoying it more than normal!

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After a long run or race, your back, legs and shoulders are bound to feel stiff and tight. Practising a few Restorative yoga poses can help you relax and release deeply. There are still a few places left in our very special Restorative Yoga Immersion with Therapeutic Sound Massage.

Ling will lead you through the workshop, using restorative poses and Vibrational Sound Healing Therapy, which is an effective and proven modality that uses vibrational sound to help reduce stress, boost circulation and create a deep sense of peace, wellbeing and over all better health. Sunday 24th April 5pm, Covent Garden. Book Now.

Get ready for Ian who starts on 23rd April with Power Plates PowerBox classes at the Fitzrovia studio. PowerBox is a fat burning and weight loss class designed to tone up, shape up and give you an awesome aerobic workout. Great for stress relief. Saturday PowerBox classes will use resistance bands and pad work in a HIIT style training session to get your heart pumping and those pounds shifting,ensuring you have a varied, challenging and fun workout programme.Starts Saturday 23rd April, 11am - 1.30pmBook in.

Hailey takes over the Saturday afternoon Vinyasa Flow class at Covent Garden, at the slightly earlier time of 3.30pm. Combine your body, breath and mind in a fast and flowing sequence that will loosen your muscles, free your spirit and get you sweating! Book in.

Get a double dose of Sam from the 3rd May, with an extra evening Cycle class. Go for 35 minutes of low intensity, high energy cardio at 5.45pm, for a quick boost before heading home or out for the evening, or push yourself harder with a 45min ride at 6.30pm. Sam's classes will motivate and challenge while getting you to your fitness goals. Fitzrovia Studio. Book in.

If you haven't tried a Cycle class yet, why not try your first for FREE? All you have to do is send us your details and which class you'd like to book and we'll do the rest!

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Keep on moving with Jungle Fit - £20

Saturday 14th May 2016, 5pm - 5.45pm, Covent Garden

Jungle Fit is a high energy, high intensity class to a soundtrack of old skool jungle & drum ‘n’ bass. This class will burn your buns and lean your guns!

Choreographed by professional dancer Claudia, the class plays a unique format of 3 dance tracks to one conditioning track to makes sure we target all muscle groups. Jungle Fit is a brand new fitness boosting class that's high intensity and high energy!

Bring trainers and expect to sweat and smile!

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19 April 2016

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