Morning Motivation

Now that the early mornings are getting brighter and just that little bit warmer, it's doesn't  feel as much of a struggle getting out of bed as it did in the days of deepest Winter. 

You may have found your New Years fitness resolutions have begun to slip as the year gets into full flow, so why not harness these first few days of Spring and get motivated first thing in the morning?

There are many benefits to exercising earlier in the day. Not only will it improve your mood and decrease stress levels before you head to work, which means that you'll be able to handle those meetings and deadlines SO better. You'll also give your metabolism a hefty boost, which means you'll burn more calories throughout the day, feel more energised and will glow with good health.

Exercising first thing in the morning makes you more likely to choose healthier options throughout the day as you've started on the good foot. Even better, you'll start your day feeling as if you've accomplished something great and it leaves your evening free for whatever takes your fancy.

So put the alarm on and rise and shine into a class and notice how your day changes.

Bring a friend to class with you and if they are new we'll give them 50% off their first class. It s a great way to stick to your good intentions. Send us their details here.

Let us know how you get on by sending in your feedback, we love to hear from you.

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Take the 7 day challenge 

We'd like to challenge you to a week of getting up with Good Vibes - one class a day for seven days, are you up for it?

You can mix and match your classes in any way you like with our great selection of morning sessions at both studios. If you take up the challenge, let us know by instagramming or tweeting your progress and any changes you notice in your mind and body, using #goodvibeslondon #feelgoodfitness

Need a bit of inspiration picking the perfect class?

Hop right into the challenge tomorrow with Daniela's Wednesday morning Vinyasa Flow. With dynamic fluid movements set to a mindful steady pace, You will sweat but also feel nourished in body and mind, leaving the class totally ready to face your day. 7.30am at the Fitzrovia studio. Book in.

Let George work you hard on the Power Plate on Thursday mornings. His classes will challenge you with a complete workout from head to toe, while his infectious energy will make sure you leave tired, but with a smile on your face! 7.30am Power Plate or 8am Power Plate HIIT, Covent GardenBook in.

The best way to get that weekend feeling is to get your heart pumping  and body moving, so hop on the bike bright and early Friday morning with Sam in Cycle for some low impact, high intensity cardio set to a soundtrack that's sure to put you in the party mood. 7.30am at the Fitzrovia studioBook in.

Lindsay likes to mix elements of Pilates, ballet and yoga into her classes. Start your Saturday with her Conditioning class, working your arms, legs and abs in turn and you'll leave feeling with your body energised and a smile on your face. 10.30am at the Covent Garden studioBook in.

What would a Sunday be without a lie in? Spend the morning in bed with the papers (we won't tell anyone) and then stretch your way into the day with a Pilates class. Ami will work you from head to toe, lengthening and strengthening your muscles for long lean limbs and a balanced body. 12.45pm at the Covent Garden studioBook in.

Get Monday started on the mat with Sarah's creative and upbeat Vinyasa Flow. Her powerful and dynamic sequences encourage vitality and rejuvenation, leaving your body and mind in a relaxed and exhilarated state, ready to face the week ahead. 7.30am at the Covent Garden studioBook in. 

By your seventh day you may feel daunted by another Cycle class, but don't fear! You're the only one in control of your pace and resistance dial, so you can determine how hard you work, but Clare will be there to offer you guidance and motivation. Tuesday 7.30am at the Fitzrovia studioBook in.

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Coming Up..

Our next Glow yoga Foundation for Beginners and Improvers workshop runs next month and is perfect for both beginners and those wanting to improve their technique. Led by Good Vibes Founder, Nahid de Belgeonne, this workshop explores the popular poses and how to transition from one pose to the other. A fun and inclusive two hour workshop to get you moving with ease. Saturday 2nd April, 1.30 - 3.30pm. Held at the Fitzrovia studio.Book in.

Everything will work again if you unplug it for a bit - including you! In a special Restorative Yoga Immersion with Therapeutic Sound Massage led by Ling Mann, we combine the healing art of restorative yoga with the deep resonance emitted from carefully hand crafted Himalayan singing bowls. Vibrational Sound Healing Therapy is an effective and proven modality that uses vibrational sound to help reduce stress, boost circulation, remove energetic stagnation. Two hours of sound healing and restorative yoga to leave you feeling deeply nourished and calm in body and mind. Sunday 24th April, 5 - 7pm. Held at the Covent Garden studioBook in.

Members, call 020 7240 6111 for 20% off all workshops. Not yet a member? Join us today!

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Nahid and the Good Vibes Team x

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15 March 2016

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