Perfect your technique

Our workshops are the perfect way to take your practice a little deeper, hone your technique and gain a better understanding of your body and it's movements. 

Whether you want to take your fitness to the next level, release tension, improve your posture or learn better techniques to take into your classes, the Good Vibes workshops are designed to do just that. They take place at our Covent Garden and Fitzrovia studios.

Why not join Good Vibes Founder Nahid de Belgeonne and popular Pilates teacher Antonia Ptohides for a powerful half  day retreat that will not only refocus the mind, but will also rejuvenate and refresh the body. In the first 2 hours of our Happy Body Workshop you will work your body to rebalance and lengthen and strengthen with Pilates, followed on by 2 hours of restorative yoga where you will release and relax into opening poses fully supported by props. Saturday 12th March 1.30 - 5.30pm, Fitzrovia. Book in.

If you want to start your yoga journey, start here! The Glow Yoga Foundation for Beginners and Improvers workshop is designed for both beginners and those looking to deepen their experience, Good Vibes Founder Nahid will guide you through popular poses and how to transition from one pose to the other with ease. Saturday 2nd April 1.30pm - 3.30pm, FitzroviaBook in.

Everything will work again if you unplug it for a bit - including you! Join Ling Mann for a special Restorative Yoga Immersion with Therapeutic Sound Massage in which she will combine the healing art of restorative yoga with the deep resonance emitted from carefully hand crafted Himalayan singing bowls help reduce stress, boost circulation, remove energetic stagnation. You will leave with a calm mind and a freedom in your body. Saturday 24th April, 5 - 7pm. Covent GardenBook in.

Members, call 020 7240 6111 for 20% off all workshops. Not yet a member? Join us today!

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Delve a little deeper

If you're a Yoga or Pilates teacher, in teacher training or an experienced student, we're pleased to be hosting a number of guest teachers and workshops over the coming months. 

Gary Carter is back for the second in his series of six Wednesday sessions, looking at Myofascial Anatomy and movement for Yoga teachers. These sessions aim to create a deeper knowledge of our structural interelationships and balances. How we connect up in movements, to understand this through the felt sense and our relationship and balance to gravity.

These sessions are not about any one persons way, style or system…it is the bodies way!

Gary breaks apart ideas of anatomy and movement turning it on its head to explore it in a totally different way, making common sense of it which can confirm a lot af questions for people.

We learn that shape means everything in relation to practice. Unravelling the truth, so far, about the understanding of Fascia in motion along with new understandings of fascias role in gravity. Next session held on Wednesday 23rd March, 2 - 5pm, Covent GardenBook In

Do not miss or one day Breath for Life workshop with Ben Wolff. 95% of our ENERGY comes in from the breath. 70% of what the body eliminates goes out through the breath. The breath, therefore is the first place we should look to affect change. Science shows nearly everyone is currently over-breathing, making this a Number 1 culprit behind stress, insomnia, disturbed sleep, anxiety, depression and negative thinking, chronic pain, asthma, migraine headaches, panic attacks and even back problems & weight gain.

Brought on by his recovery from serious illness and 3 years of continuous research and investigation Ben Wolff will share with you the most important findings in breath research, from both ancient wisdom traditions and modern science in ways that are open and accessible to everyone. Sunday 8th May, 10am - 5pm £75 FitzroviaBook in.

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Good Vibes Teacher Training

We're so excited to announce that we are launching the Good Vibes Yoga 200 hours Teacher Training in April 2017.

The Good Vibes Yoga 200 hour teacher training is for students who wish to become excellent yoga teachers and who passionately care about the quality of their journey.

This course has been developed to deepen your knowledge and practice of yoga, with a primary focus on teaching mindful flow and restorative yoga for all bodies, pranayama, meditation, philosophy and related subjects.

Our teacher training course is spread over 12 months and held in central London in a fully equipped yoga studio. The first course starts in April 2017. The course is held one weekend a month with a 3 day weekend to end. The course is limited to no more than 20 students.

Our course aims to produce intelligent, informed and nurturing teachers who want to share the joy and empowerment that a yoga lifestyle can bring. Good Vibes Yoga is for all bodies.

Why you should choose Good Vibes as your yoga teacher training:

Develop the skills to understand and teach mindful flow yoga

Know how to teach yoga for a cross-range of populations and understand how to give appropriate modifications and adjustments

Explore applied anatomy based on the most intelligent current movement thinking

Learn how ancient philosophy and wisdom can be shared and resonate with you and your students

Discover the ways in which yoga is a deeply healing practice, with an emphasis on relaxation in balance to action

Find your authentic voice as a teacher; the course encourages the individuality and creativity of the individual

Experience excellent and accessible teaching with a non-dogmatic approach

Enjoy our accessibility, we are based in Central London within easy reach of many main tube stations

Become part of a yoga community; we will have a mentoring system in place and  have yoga space to hire for your practice, student classes and discounts on our classes at both studios 

Led by Good Vibes Founder Nahid de Belgeonne and respected guest teachers, the course will be Yoga Alliance USA accredited.

More details will be released shortly, but in the meantime, if you'd like to register your interest in the course, please send us your details and we will keep you updated.

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Good Vibes Team x

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10 March 2016

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