Flexible Fitness

The most common reason given for not exercising regularly is lack of time - being too busy with long work days, meetings and life!

The good news is, finding moments to move in your day is entirely within your grasp. Be a little fluid with your day and when you find yourself with half an hour spare, have a look at the timetable to find the perfect class to fit into your schedule!

Short on time but want to sweat? A speedy 25 minute Power Plate class is just the ticket to get your heart pumping and your muscles working. Try an early morning class to get you invigorated for work, or a quick evening stop before heading home or out for the night. Daily from 7.30am at both studiosBook in.

Looking to leave your desk at lunchtime? Our lunchtime classes are perfectly designed to fit into your lunch hour while also giving you time to grab a quick shower if needed and a healthy lunch. Hop on the bike Monday to Friday 1pm at our Fitzrovia studio to be led through 35 minutes of low impact, high intensity cardio cycle action by one of our friendly and motivating teachers.

Or stretch it out with a 45 mins dynamic Pilates or Vinyasa Flow class at 12.45pm, to get your body pliable. Monday to Friday, Covent Garden and FitzroviaBook in.

Found a bit of extra time in your day? Has a last minute appointment cancellation left you with a spare hour? Or have you managed to leave work a bit earlier than normal?

Pop into a 50 minute Glow Ballet Tone class to lengthen and strengthen, Tuesday 5pm in Covent Garden and Monday 7.30am, Fitzrovia. or settle your mind with a 45 minute Meditation classFriday 8.45am, Covent GardenBook in.

So adopt a flexi approach to your exercise, you will not only feel the effects physically, by revving up your metabolism, strengthening your muscles and helping you get rid of those last few stubborn Winter pounds, but you will also be sure to notice the knock on effects on your mind, helping you feel more relaxed, less stressed and more confident in yourself. 

Feel good fitness no matter the time frame!

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NEW Daily 2 Class Pass - £29

We appreciate that as a client you may sometimes want to mix and match your classes, which is why we have introduced a few smaller packages that give you, the individual, a bit more freedom and a little less commitment.

Our new daily 2 class pass is a snip at £29 - you can go to any 2 classes, across both studios from when the studio opens to when it closes. All you have to do is use them both on the same day.

You can also mix up your classes in any way you like - how about starting off your week with a fat burning Power Plate class followed by our addictive Cycle HIIT Bootcamp, a sure way to invigorate you for the week ahead? Or if you're looking to stretch out and then unwind, you could begin your morning with a full body Pilates workout and end with an evening of Bliss restorative yoga by candlelight. The combinations are endless!

The daily pass gives you a saving of up to £15 on your classes, so you are winning!

Want a little more? We also have a 6 class pack for £85 - this works out at 2 classes a week over 3 weeks, you have a month to use this package up.

We look forward to seeing you in class soon, and please do keep sending us your feedback, we love hearing what you have to say.

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Nahid and the Good Vibes Team x

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8 March 2016

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