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The sun is finally starting to reappear and the slightly warmer days have put smiles on our faces and springs in our step, getting us ready for the weekend. Don't worry if you're not quite feeling it yet though, no matter your mood we have the perfect class to give you that Friday feeling!

Want to get pumped up? Our Friday night Cycle is just the ticket to get your heart rate going and your body sweating. 35 minutes of low impact, high intensity cardio action set to a great soundtrack, with Luis there to motivate you every step of the way. Prepare to become addicted! 6pm at the Fitzrovia studioBook in.

Feeling the flow? Try a challenging but nurturing Vinyasa Flow class under the experienced guidance of teacher Rikke, where the 'how do i feel?' is much more important than the 'how do i look' and each individual will be encouraged to feel and find their own practice with intelligent dynamic flow. Friday 6pm at the Fitzrovia studioBook in. 

Short on time but looking to sweat? Hop on the Power Plate for a speedy but challenging 25 minute workout. Try the Power Box class with Claudia6.30pm at the Fitzrovia studio to tone your arms and improve your cardio fitness, or go for all over body Conditioning with Sjaan in Covent Garden at 5.30pm, working your arms, legs and abs in turn. Book in.

Spent too long behind a desk? Jazzi's Pilates class is about more than just abs work. You will lengthen and strengthen your muscles, improving your posture and working your entire body effectively to create a long, lean silhouette. 5pm, Covent GardenBook in.

Looking to relax and release? Ruth's Bliss Restorative Yoga class will relax and release your entire body, nourishing you back into balance. Delicious poses are supported by props to help you gently release tight spots without tension, while the heated and candlelit room creates an atmosphere of calm and tranquility. 6pm, Covent GardenBook in.

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Happy Body Workshop - £65

Saturday 12th March 2016 1.30pm - 5.30pm. Held at the Fitzrovia studio

Led by Good Vibes Director & Founder Nahid de Belgeonne and popular Glow Pilates teacher Antonia Ptohides. If you're looking to go deeper than a regular class can take you, this day retreat will not only refocus the mind, but will also rejuvenate and refresh the body, and introduce long-term health and wellbeing.

In studies, those who practised restorative yoga alongside their fitness regime lost 50% more weight than those who didn’t. The Happy Body Workshop offers a 360 degree approach to your fitness, creating the right conditions for a happy body and mind. The workshop kicks off with popular teacher, Antonia who will take you through a series of effective dance and Pilates conditioning exercises designed to get maximum results in minimum time. Devised to sculpt your core, lift your glutes and work those legs, making them lean without building bulk as well as rev up your metabolism!

The second half of the workshop is led by Nahid, who will take you through 2 hours of restorative yoga, designed to help you find a deep sense of release and relaxation in your mind and body. We will end with a 20 minute bespoke Yoga Nidra setting positive affirmations, to cultivate a deeper awareness of your body.It’s time to love the body you are in!

Members, call 020 7240 6111 for 20% off all workshops. Not yet a member? Join us today!

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Nahid and the Good Vibes Team x

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25 February 2016

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